RealBooks offers Customisable Properties at Zero Additional Cost

A restaurant with a menu completely of our wish is none other than our kitchen and such ease in your accounting preferences are being served by your own RealBooks.

Additional fields to capture details in the Voucher, Ledger or Items do not come for free since majorly all accounting software charges you for the same whereas, our business intelligent pocket friendly cloud accounting software, RealBooks, cares about your pocket and gives you a feature, customisable properties, through which you can self-customize the same without paying a single penny.

Additional properties to your voucher, ledger or items makes the accounting easier since you can add all the relevant data with the same in order to enhance the, detailing, perfection and data traceability.

How this self-customizable additional property would help you?

  1. Additional Properties to Voucher: The nature of the transaction might be known but if you want a further detailing on certain transactions then you can easily add a property key and even make the applicability of the same optional / mandatory as per your requirement.
    Let’s say that you have some specific payments which you want to check upon specially or want to bifurcate the payments in multiple cash flows codes as per their realization nature. Then you can easily assign codes to each of those vouchers so that the format is friendly to your requirement.
  2. Additional Properties to Ledger: For instance, if it’s a party ledger and you want to make a sales entry and want to add on the additional data like the salesperson name, then in this case you can add additional property to your ledger. Many such requirements might come into your vast picture and you can customize it all without any additional cost.
  3. Additional Properties to Items: Create custom fields in the item master and capture additional information. These fields can be used to store specific information that is not already included in the item\’s standard fields. By doing so, it enables more comprehensive tracking and management of items within a system or database.

Watch our training video to know how does this self-customizable additional property works: 

An add-on benefit in the prevailing cost is always welcome, so is our feature of additional properties, where you get additional fields customization alongside our prevailing features and properties.

It’s time to switch to RealBooks and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.