For business

Optimise your growth with cutting-edge features.


A window into the future of business intelligence


  • Intelligent and accurate real-time reports
  • Cash flows, profit and loss, and individual vouchers just a click away
  • Track profitability, invoices and complete inventory reports
  • Reports can be further analysed as per need


  • An overview of all your data at a glance
  • Track dues, cash flows and bank reconciliations in real-time
  • Fully customisable with key strategic insights.

Efficient Organisation

Workflow was never this smooth


  • Get a unique task management software that increases productivity
  • Effortlessly assign tasks, set deadlines & monitor time schedules
  • It’s customisable & ensures all compliance norms are fully met

Approvals & Workflows

  • Create your own checklist for voucher approvals
  • Customised guidelines for ledger entries to improve business
  • View information relevant to your business

Inventory & Order Management

  • Real-time status of your stocks
  • Create price lists for products
  • Take orders & track pending orders
  • Seamless integration - Purchase order to payable & sales order to receivable
  • Customizable process flow for manufacturing.

Comprehensive Branch Analysis

Create a
seamless network of
all your accounts

Branch Accounting

  • Information integrated on a single screen
  • Each branch can create its own account
  • Analyse profitability of each account

Profit Centres

  • Effortlessly manage different departments of your business
  • Map income and expenses of multiple business units and analyse profitability
  • Build your own templates specifically for your business requirements

No hidden charges. No conditions apply.



  • Upto 2500 vouchers per year
  • Unlimited companies
  • 2500 Vouchers are calculated per account
  • 2500 Vouchers will be given every year



  • For all additional users
  • Unlimited companies
  • The first user is free forever



  • For every additional 2500 vouchers
  • Contact us for volume discounts
  • First 2500 vouchers are free every year
  • Vouchers are calculated per account

Hear from the Users

    Using RealBooks has changed the way we run our business, with information readily available to us as and when we need it. It seems to be a far more advanced version of Tally. Very happy with the product.

    Rohit Kumar

    I run a small logistics company in Delhi, and stock management and recurring invoices was always a headache for us. Other products were either too basic or too expensive. Its amazing that I am using Real Books without actually paying anything at all.

    Jaswant Singh

    I was quite skeptical at first, but I now recommend Real Books to all fellow professionals. Since I’ve started using it I actually have more time since all my client data is available to me from a single screen.

    Vikas Rungta, CA

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