Fast track the invoicing process with RealBooks’ POS feature

Fast track the invoicing process with RealBooks’ POS feature

Every one of us must have surely visited a restaurant and have never received an A4 size invoice/bill ever. Rather at most places we get Thermal bills be it a fine dine, self-serve buffet or take away.

Restaurant is just one such example, majorly all automated invoicing retail stores have the same thermal billing process in order to reduce the counter time of a customer and the waiting time of the next customer.


RealBooks, the cloud accounting software, have already been serving organizations like Jay Shree Tea (India’s second largest tea producer), Roxx World (India’s leading tableware and cookware brand) and 22+ other companies in India and Middle-East, with their POS invoicing module.

Why POS is necessary in the RealBooks, cloud-based and business intelligent GST accounting software, era? 

1.Easy Billing: In the concept of POS, many details go irrelevant so the billing process also changes accordingly. Keeping compliance in mind, RealBooks give you the POS portal in order to make your billing easier than ever. Very limited data needs to be fed and the bill gets generated on a single click.

2.Less Skilled Employees: When your software, which helps you in billing for POS, are not preset and compliance smart you need more time and skilled employees to do the job but in case of RealBooks’ POS module, just a speedy hand with a basic knowledge is enough for the billing and can also work as a cashier as well.

3.Faster Checkout & Better Outlet Management: In this fast moving world, waiting at the counter or the tables for bills have been almost eliminated after the incorporation of softwares like RealBooks. Waiting customer is less likely to revisit a store or outlet is what a psychological study says. Why to make them wait when you are seeking a better fate. Smooth billing process even makes the outlet management process better.

4. Increased Footfall: Footfall is all dependent on the quality of the product, which you sell, and the service what a customer gets. Once you assure the best of your services including the billing, the customers automatically turn permanent and consistency of the customers decide the actual asset of any business.

How does a POS concept work on RealBooks, can be seen through the below given video:

Easier and convenient life of the customers is the major thought of the entrepreneurship. Solving the problems through our products and icing is the service that is provided to them be it pre or post sales.

RealBooks have never failed or compromised when it comes to service majorly the post-sales. 

When the second largest tea producer in India can trust us then why can’t you? 

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