Eliminate Duplicacy of TDS Deduction with RealBooks

Eliminate Duplicacy of TDS Deduction with RealBooks

Advances have always been a part of businesses since inception. Advance may be a security or a financial support against the order or for any other purpose.

In case of layered or multiple taxes, the missing out or duplicacy of tax implication while booking transactions is a very common phenomenon of error. Mistakes/errors when 1 or 2 are manageable, but when more than few becomes the fish bone.

TDS deduction is a very basic compliance where while making payment to any company or individual beyond a certain amount, the tax of a specific percentage has to be deducted at source. But in case of Advances, many times we deduct TDS against advance and due to the heavy flow of work it might not be a part of your remembrance.

When it comes to the TDS deduction, the duplicacy or double deduction of the same for the advance part can harm your Unadjand also depicts incapability in professionalism. 

To avoid the threat of slam on your company’s reputation or on your professionalism, you must take a journey through our perfect product, RealBooks, the business-intelligent, user-friendly cloud-based accounting software.

RealBooks will save you from triple entry accounting and will keep you up in the world with the double entry accounting. Let’s know it how?

For instance you have to give an advance against a PO to XYZ Ltd and the balance amount is to be transacted on a later date. You have transferred the advance after the deduction of TDS. Further when you record the expenses, then the system will notify you with the list of unadjusted TDS amount which were earlier deducted on account of XYZ that you can select the one relevant to your entry and avoid any kind of multiple deduction.

Now, here you have come down reading the above story then we believe that you must give a chance by allowing us to showcase our product demo for a better purview of RealBooks.

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