Auto Bank Reconciliation via Excel upload

Bank Reconciliation via Excel – a Saviour Tool

Bank Reconciliation via Excel Upload

Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) is a very critical function for any organization. Ever wondered why your bank statement balance differs from the bank balance shown in your books of accounts? Exactly why a BRS is needed. Some companies have 1,000s of banking transactions and reconciling them is an absolute nightmare.. not so with RealBooks!!

Traditional Approach

Typical conversation for a user of an offline software –

“Hey Alexa!
How to prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement?
Alexa: So! Bring out your Bank book print outs on one side of the desk and the bank statement on the other side of the desk.
User: Done!
Alexa: Good! Now do the same old process of a tick on a left followed by a tick on a right and waste your precious accounting hours on a task that can be done in less than 5 minutes.”

Even Alexa knows that the older process is time consuming and after the arrival of Feature Loaded RealBooks accounting software, it is a matter of minutes now.

Obvious Face

Modern Approach

Now imagine this…!

What if we say that no individual entry needs to be matched while preparing BRS?
What if we say that the accounting software will automatically prepare the BRS?
What if we say that you will have to match the very few entries which has manual or banking errors?
What if we say that the accounting software will suggest you the bank book entries against your unmatched entries?

Astonished? Yes, you must be.
RealBooks allows you to upload your bank statement directly on the software platform itself and gives you a rock-solid feature of “Auto BRS” which further filters your entries as matched and pending/unmatched entries and the upload will take a minute.

Moving ahead, you will get suggestions for your pending entries fetching the exact same amount entries so that you can select from the drop down and match the same, which would hardly take you a minute.

Furthermore, if few entries are still prevailing as pending then you must go through the manual errors and correct the same in a couple of minutes.

And as we showcased, we did it in span of 4 minutes and gave you an extra minute for 2 relaxed sips of your tea/coffee! Whether you have 100 entries of 1000s of entries – reconciling entries with your bank statement has never been easier!

Being an intelligent and smart accountant, its high and right time for you to switch to RealBooks and taste the flavor of our user-friendly and business intelligent software and make your accounting smarter than ever.

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