January, 2021

Folks, as we bid adieu to 2020 the year and the decade, and welcome 2021, let us not look back and just thank God that 2020 has gone and the worst is out of the way!! I think 2020 has been a great teacher and has taught us as human beings to respect nature and to adapt to change like never before. Businesses that felt that they could never survive without a human touch can now fully functional online and have in fact seen tremendous growth in these difficult times. It is not to say that businesses did not get affected or some of them have had to shut down, but I think what it did teach businesses was to be resilient to be able to pave it quickly and entrepreneurs and business owners to take decisions promptly.

2020 also demonstrated that running a business is not akin to a Twenty20 inning and it requires tremendous perseverance on the part of the management and loyalty from the employees too achieve growth in the long term. Hockey stick growth with a high cash burn is a thing of the past and something which is not sustainable, even investors are not finding these businesses attractive anymore. The lockdown impacted these businesses much more than businesses built on strong foundations with consistent performance.

At RealBooks, as we review the year gone by, we be thankful to God for the growth and opportunities that came by with its fair share of difficulties and challenges. We were not only able to survive but also thrive in these timesAnd this is in no small means due to the support that we received from our clients and partners who referred us and helped us on board many new customers.

In conclusion I would say that the year gone by has given us the confidence to march ahead and face any challenges that may come our way with zeal and preparedness.

Wishing all our readers a very Happy Prosperous and Safe New Decade!. May your businesses continue to grow and prosper in the years to come!

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C 37A LGF, Kalkaji, new Delhi - 110019, India

We have been using RealBooks and the accounting services - RealEdge for the last 4 years.

The entire team is extremely co-operative, sensitive to customer needs and have a very positive attitude. RealBooks is cloud based and hence quite easy to use at multi locations and while traveling for tracking orders, inventory, and multiple GST. Having a mobile app is an added advantage. No need to port data from one system to another.

It was a good decision to move to RealBooks and RealEdge.


A company with multiple factories across India using cutting edge technology in making prototypes Manufacturing
1. Branch Accounting and multiple GSTIN accounting across 4 locations Interbranch transfers, inter branch receipts and payments became a breeze with RealBooks
2. Project Wise Profitability Reports The company executed more than 400 projects annually - the project wise profitability reports allowed them to track individual materials and overheads consumed for each project
3. Consolidated Debtor and Creditor Statements across branches Since RealBooks uses consolidated masters, debtor and creditor statements for individual branches as well as the company as a whole, was just a click away
4. Monthly, Annual and Inter Branch Comparison The Profit & Loss, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet Reports are all available to compare between branches and time periods, allowing better decision making | | +91-99108-22099