August, 2021

Hello everyone!

Hope all of you and families are safe and doing well. Just because cases have abated doesn’t mean that we can let our guard down – it just means that we keep taking precautions or else it will just spiral out of control and we wouldn’t know what hit us.

Tough times continue for the hospitality industry and businesses that have managed well are businesses that could re-invent – create a cloud kitchen, come up with innovative offers and even revamping menus. These businesses have survived but many others have not and really affected employment numbers, but just as well it meant that employees also have had to become more employable by picking up a new skill, re-training themselves and doing things to keep remaining relevant.

Speaking for us, RealBooks has really been at the forefront of innovation on the cloud. We’ve sewn some really good tie-ups which are all going to take RealBooks forward rapidly! The entire cycle of payments, collections, compliance and reporting are all suddenly going to undergo a major revamp and the user experience at RealBooks is going to take a mammoth leap forward – and all of this is available to every existing RealBooks user for free!! It’s what we do to show how much we care about our clients and how we can ensure we can bring the best user experience there is. Keep watching this space and our new releases. Do write in with your feedback to

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What's New :

Generating excels for filing TDS returns | | +91-99108-22099
  • 7TDS Payment for July
  • 11GSTR 1 (Monthly) for July
  • 13GSTR 1 IFF (Optional) (Jul 2021) for QRMP
  • 15Quarterly TDS certificate (other than salary) for the quarter ending June 30,2021
  • 15 Providend Fund (PF) Payment for July
  • 25 ESI Payment for July
  • 20GSTR 3B for July for Monthly
  • 25GST Challan Payment if no sufficient ITC for Jul (for all Quarterly Filers)
  • 31End date GST Amnesty Scheme with reduced Late Fee refer .. COVID-19 : Due-date relaxation for Income Tax, GST, ROC


Head Office Cum Reg Office :
C 37A LGF, Kalkaji, new Delhi - 110019, India

We have been using RealBooks and the accounting services - RealEdge for the last 4 years.

The entire team is extremely co-operative, sensitive to customer needs and have a very positive attitude. RealBooks is cloud based and hence quite easy to use at multi locations and while traveling for tracking orders, inventory, and multiple GST. Having a mobile app is an added advantage. No need to port data from one system to another.

It was a good decision to move to RealBooks and RealEdge.


Functionality to check and update bank account details : New functionality on Annual Aggregate Turnover (AATO) for taxpayers on GST Portal :
Applicable for taxpayers who have taken new registration at GST portal failed to furnish the account details. Unlike previously, taxpayers can now view the exact AATO for the previous FY.
This function requires them to update the account details within 45 days of the first login. Based on all the returns filed, Aggregate Turnover of the current FY can also be viewed.
They may login & update details through Non-core amendments as specified in The taxpayers can also update the turnover in case of suspected disparity between system calculated turnover and personal recorded turnover.
Taxpayers will be prompted by the system to comply if, they haven't updated their account during registration;have also failed to update the same within 45 days of their first login. The turnover update facility is available for all the GSTINs registered on a single PAN.
Changes by any GSTINs shall be summed up for the calculation of AATO for each GSTINs.
Turnover can only be updated twice within a month from the date of commencement of this functionality.
Thereafter, the figures shall be sent for review to the Jurisdictional Tax Officer.
Detailed advisory on AATO computation is spec- ified under the 'Advisory' hosted at taxpayer's dashboard. | | +91-99108-22099