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We're excited to announce that our dedicated team has been hard at work

incorporating your feedback into our latest updates.

We've added numerous new features to enhance your experience.

With our commitment to quality and your feedback, we're confident that you'll find something that you'll love.

Let's have a look at the new features that just got added

We are excited to announce that we have eliminated the need for excel conversion via utility tool when filing GSTR1 from RealBooks. We have enabled direct filing of GSTR1, which means that you can now save valuable accounting hours with our easy filing features.

For more details, read our blog:  RealBooks’ GSTR-1 filing via GSP lets you file Returns smoothly

We have implemented a new feature that enables automatic closure of Purchase Orders (PO) and Sale Orders (SO).

This feature includes a tolerance limit, which, once met, triggers the automatic closure of the PO/SO. This process is run by the day-end scheduler, making it a seamless and efficient way to manage orders. By automating the closure process, users can save time and ensure that their records are accurate and up-to-date.

Note: Currently, the set up is done at the backend, to use the feature get in touch with our Support Team.

Now validate GSTINs with the GST portal directly from RealBooks while registering a customer or a vendor. Stay compliant and streamline your registration process with this new feature.

How does it work?

While adding the GSTIN in the party tab under ledger master, click on the verify icon, if the GSTIN inserted is a valid one, system will show the GSTIN Details and mark the same as verified with a green tick.

Now, enable Book Print directly from the front-end settings page. Users can access this feature by navigating to:

Settings > Configuration > Accounts > Book Print

By making this feature more easily accessible, we aim to improve the user experience and provide a more seamless process for managing Book Print settings.


To make it easier for users to identify business place-specific data, we have added a new feature that will print the GSTIN of the Business Place on vouchers.

This will enable users to quickly identify which business place the voucher is associated with, making it easier to manage and analyze their GST data. With this new feature, users will have a more efficient experience when working with their GST records..

To ensure a seamless process for creating masters, we have updated the placement of category fields in the ledger master.

Additionally, we have split the Party category into two parts for better organization: Customer and Vendor/Supplier.

The impact of this split is:-

On choosing the category as Customer the ledger group will be set as Sundry Debtors, and for Vendor/Supplier it will be set as Sundry Creditors. However, the same is open for alterations.


To improve the analysis of your data, we have enhanced the Sales Register Custom Report Builder by adding five new columns:

1. Foreign Currency: This column displays the foreign currency that was selected in the transaction.
2. FX Rate: This column shows the exchange rate that was used to convert the foreign currency to the local currency.
3. FX Amount: This column displays the amount of the transaction in the foreign currency.
4. Party Country: This column shows the country of the party involved in the transaction, which is taken from the Ledger Master.
5. Party Type: This column displays the type of party involved in the transaction, which is also taken from the Ledger Master.

The bill status report now includes additional columns for GST amount and customer shipping details, enabling a more comprehensive analysis of outstanding payments on the basis of client’s delivery location.

How to Use?

Under Bill Status Report, Bills variation, enable GST Amount and Shipping Address from the options, and then export the data into the excel format.

The system now retains the IRN and acknowledgment details for cancelled IRNs, providing users with a useful reference for future needs.

Attach documents to your Purchase Requisition, and get an easy reference as and when required.



RealBooks’ statistics report now includes additional data counts such as:

1. Total count of IRN,

2. IRN Done from RealBooks ,

3. E-Waybill Done from RealBooks,

4. Tag count, and

5. Tag Group count.

We have optimized the GSTR-3B report query, resulting in faster loading times for the report.This improvement significantly reduces the wait time for users, providing them with a more streamlined experience when generating the GSTR-3B report.

We have made enhancements to the “Send Email” feature, which aims to improve the overall user experience. The feature allows users to choose between the Company and Segment mail ID for adding to the CC when sending invoices via email. With this feature, users have more flexibility in choosing the email address that best suits their needs.

The system now enables the generation of a PDF for cancelled invoices, which includes a watermark indicating the cancelled status of the invoice.

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