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Our dedicated Team at RealBooks has put together a ton of new features based on your feedback.

Moreover, we have fixed the minor bugs in order to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Let's have a look at the new features that just got added

Payment collection has been made easy. RealBooks is now integrated with Nimbbl payment gateway. Generate payment link, share it with customer, once customer makes the payment, receipt entry will get posted automatically.
To know more, click on the below link:

Now, the copy voucher feature works for both accounting & inventory vouchers.

To use the copy feature:  Select the transaction>Press Alt+C 

The entry pop up will open in Copy Mode, do the necessary changes and save.

Note: The entry pop up that appears will be marked as Copy Transaction on the Top left of the screen.

Now, company incorporation date can be saved in company master.

To insert the same in existing company – Go to Accounts>Master>Company>Edit

Field Name: Date of Incorporation

Now, user can upload MT940 format of Punjab National Bank for automatic bank reconciliation.

Note: We are compatible with the MT940 format of ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, HDFC Bank, & Axis Bank too.

Based on the feedbacks and queries received, we have curated a list of questions with the best possible solutions, relating to various screens of RealBooks. To view the FAQ,
Go to Settings>FAQ

Use this report to review the list of receipts for the desired date range. This report not only provides the total receipt value, but the tagged bills and instrument details as well.

To view Receipt Register,

Go to Reports>Accounts>Day Book>Receipt Register

Note: Receipt Register is available as a Report variation. Click on the dropdown – Standard (1st option on the left side of the screen)

A column filter has been added in the stock movement report. It not only helps in filtering stock by name quickly, but user can filter the quantity and amounts as well, using >,<,=, signs.

Now, entries can be shifted to dates of different financial years.

To enable the feature go to Settings>Configurations>Accounts>General>Across FY Date Change>Enable the radio button.

While this feature is enabled, the user can open the voucher in edit mode across any Financial Year.

Note: Only Accounting vouchers shifting allowed.

Now, user can mail the bill-wise outstanding report to a party directly from the Bill Status Report.

Now, unassigned permission masters can be deleted by the end user from front end.

Identifying the vendor names made easy. Now, when the user uploads the GSTR2B json, if any vendor ledger available in json does not exist in RealBooks, then instead of showing the party name field as blank, system will show the name registered on GST portal.

Now, while extracting bill status report – bill wise variation, extract the additional data captured in the transactions against ledger property & voucher property as well.

Identifying untagged receipts/ payments made easy. Now you can get a separate Bill summary report as well as details report of all the on-account receipts/ payments.

To access the On Account Summary
Go to Reports>Accounts>Daily Reports>Bill Status>On Account Summary

To access the On Account Details
Go to Reports>Accounts>Daily Reports>Bill Status>On Account Details

Now in the Ledger create API all fields related to Bill Details are available. While creating a ledger, user can send the Credit Limit, Credit Days, Applicable on, field data also.

Now, in the Profit & Loss report – Monthly columnar variation, an additional column for Year to Date (YTD) has been added for better comparative analysis.

Now, if user mistakenly selects 2 different GST rate ledgers of CGST & SGST, against same income/expense ledger, system will give an alert to rectify the same.

Now, the end user can control the hierarchy expansion of Trial Balance – Segment wise columnar variation’s excel export format. Look for Excel Level Wise under the export option.

Now, negative quantity and value can be added in the sales transaction item tab w.r.t the service items. It will be treated as a value reduction in the invoice.

Note: This feature will work only for Non-GST items.

A column filter has been added in all the ledger group report variations. It not only helps in filtering ledgers quickly, but user can filter the amounts as well, using >,<,=, signs.

A monthly columnar report variation has been added under the ledger group report. Now you can evaluate columnar month-wise reports for better comparative analysis.

Calculating item profitability can consume a lot of time when the revenue against a particular sale is booked under multiple entries. Now, you can simply tag sales entries with accounting revenue entries to derive the exact item profitability.

Now, in the sale order screen, the items can be fetched via price list.
So, if a price list is assigned to a party ledger, in sale order screen, when the billing party is selected, the price list tab will display the list of items with its rate. Simply put the quantity against each item, and then click on the Populate Item button. The selected items will get auto fetched to the item tab with Quantity and Rate.

Now let's talk about the bug fixes that were done to make your experience smoother.
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