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We're excited to announce that our dedicated team has been hard at work

incorporating your feedback into our latest updates.

We've added numerous new features to enhance your experience.

With our commitment to quality and your feedback, we're confident that you'll find something that you'll love.

Let's have a look at the new features that just got added

When technology keeps changing everyday, the key to efficiency is heading towards dynamism. We have enhanced our Bank Import feature, while the old method is still in place, a new method has been added, which is way more dynamic.

How Does it Work?

There are 3 simple steps:

Step1: Create the Bank Import Template (Same as it is in case of BRS template)
Step2: Upload the Bank Statement
Step3: Clear the Suspense

To help our users achieve digitalization, RealBooks now allows you to attach DSC (Digital Signature) to the invoices, saving your time of printing, signing & scanning the invoice.

To know more, get in touch with our Support Team

To help users recall the unadjusted TDS entries, in cases, where TDS has been deducted on Advance, while booking the expense entry, system will give an alert to adjust the open TDS amounts.

How Does it work?

While booking the expense entry, based on Vendor Ledger, and TDS ledger, system checks whether there are any TDS related Payment entries, which are not tagged against any bill, such untagged entries will be displayed.

In cases, where users require multiple invoices at a go, we have added the option to select multiple transactions together and generate the invoice print.

Option Name: PDF (Bulk Invoice Print)

How Does it Work?

Go to Ledger Report or Day Book>Search Data>Select the checkbox beside transaction>Click on Export>PDF (Bulk Invoice Print)

Note: For Accounting Invoices the Bulk Selection Limit is 100 & for Inventory Invoices it is 30.

Now, with RealBooks, integrate your WhatsApp business account with your books of accounts, and share invoices easily with customers over WhatsApp.

To know more, get in touch with our Support Team

We have added the Bank Reconciliation status filter, with default status set as ALL (reconciled & unreconciled) in the following reports:

a) Receipt Register
b) Cash Register

We have added voucher type filter in the following reports, to let the users filter data as per their requirement

a) Payment Register
b) Receipt Register
c) Cash Register

To ease out the sale return process, we have added the Cancel Voucher option in Delivery Order Edit Screen.

How does it work?

Go to Reports>Inventory>Sale Cycle>Delivery Order>Search data

Open Edit>Click on Option>Click on Cancel Voucher

Alt+U – To unlock voucher

Note: User must have unlock permissions.

Set Credit Period in ledger master, and the same will flow on the transaction level, with an option to overwrite the same.

Benefit of the Feature:

The benefit will be Based on the credit period, bill due date & overdue summary can be extracted from Bill Status Report.

We have added ledger group filter  in the Delivery Order report, to make it easy for users to view DO listing for specific group of customers.

How to View?

Go to Transactions>Reports>Inventory>Sales Cycle>Delivery Order

To give our users a hassle free experience, we have automated 1 more step in GSTR2B matching.

Now not only GSTR2B matching process but the JSON upload has been automated as well.

How Does it Work?

Step1: Configure the GSP credentials

Step2: Fetch the JSON file from portal directly via RealBooks

Step3: Run Auto Match

Step4: Relax

We have enhanced the Mobile App. Now users can record Receipts & Payments from the mobile app itself. Not only this even customer/vendor ledgers can be created from the app.

To help our users reduce Error of Omission, we have automated the reversals of Provision entries. Now, when a user books a provision entry, system will auto-post the reversal entry, on a date specified by the user.

How Does it Work?

Step1: Enable Auto Reverse in Ledger Master
Step2: Book the Provision Entry
Step3: Confirm Provision Reversal Date
Step4: Sit back & relax.

To allow users decide which vouchers are to be considered in stock movement calculations, we have added a voucher type field in the report. This will help users exclude the internal stock movement impacts, and view report as per their requirements.

How to View?

Go to Reports>Inventory>Stock>Stock>Stock Movement


To help our users analyze cash flow better, we have added a monthly comparison report for cash flow.

How to view? 

Go to Reports>Accounts>Management Report>Cash Flow>Cash Flow Report : Monthly Columnar

In GSTR2B, a new feature has been added to cater round off amount errors. Since, round off amount leads to mismatch in GSTR2B, now users can set an amount range which will be considered as tolerance limit, and any difference up to the defined amount(both upward & downward) will be ignored while matching.

How to set tolerance limit?

Go to Settings>Configurations>Compliances> General> GSTR-2B Tolerance Limit

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