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We're excited to announce that our dedicated team has been hard at work

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We've added numerous new features to enhance your experience.

With our commitment to quality and your feedback, we're confident that you'll find something that you'll love.

Let's have a look at the new features that just got added

Our software now comes equipped with an intelligent system that automatically detects and alerts you of any duplicate GSTIN entries in the ledger master. This ensures that your records remain accurate and in line with GST regulations.

How does it work?

While creating or updating a ledger master, if entered GSTIN already exists in any other ledger, then a warning pop-up will appear, displaying all the ledger names in which the mentioned GSTIN already exist, the user can either click on Ok to continue or click on Cancel to enter the correct GSTIN.

Instead of navigating through multiple menus or clicking on various options, you can now simply press Alt+Q to initiate the cheque printing process instantly. The short key functions both on Entry Edit or from Report Listings.

Our software now supports the import of tag masters directly from Excel files. This allows you to efficiently manage and organize your tag information by easily uploading bulk data into the software. By streamlining the import process, you can save time and ensure accurate tag management.

With the new export option, you can effortlessly export the GSTR-2A Exception Report data from our software. Whether you need to share the report with your team or perform additional analysis, the export feature provides you with a streamlined and efficient method of accessing the report data.

With this latest release, users can now attach Excel files as supporting documents, allowing for seamless tracking of spreadsheet data within the transactions. Furthermore, this upgrade empowers users to attach Excel files up to a size limit of 2MB, ensuring efficient and comprehensive document management.

With this enhancement, users can now directly choose the specific place of supply instead of selecting between inter-state and intra-state options. This upgrade simplifies the process, ensures precise transaction documentation, and improves compliance with GST regulations.

The Future Date Restriction feature prevents users from entering transactions or records with future dates. This helps maintain data integrity by ensuring that all entries are made within the appropriate time frame, eliminating the possibility of inaccurate or unintended future date entries.

How to enable the feature?

1. Go to Settings> Configurations> Accounts> General> Future Date Restriction – Enable the feature

2. Now, if a user tries to pass a future date transaction, system will block the same.


The upgrade enables you to easily access and review the list of deleted vouchers directly within the Day Book module. This provides you with a consolidated view of all deleted vouchers, ensuring transparency in the audit trail and facilitating efficient data analysis.

Where to find delete voucher listing?

1. Go to Day Book > Click on Standard> Select Deleted Voucher

2. Specify the date range and search the data


The approval-based payment initiation feature revolutionizes the payment workflow. Instead of direct payment initiation, the process now involves an approval step. This ensures enhanced control and compliance by allowing designated approvers to review and authorize payments before they are processed.

How does it work?

1. Set an approval workflow.

2. Once the payment entry gets saved, the authorised approver will get notified.

3. Until the entry is fully approved, the Initiate Payment option will not be displayed.

With the saved search preferences, you no longer need to re-enter certain details every time you access the report. The software automatically recalls your previous search settings, allowing for a seamless and consistent search experience.

The search preferences are being saved for the following reports:

1. Legder Group Report

2. Bill Status Report

3. Register Report

With this update, you can now perform simultaneous searches for ledgers or items by name or code, providing a more efficient and comprehensive search experience.

How to enable the feature?

To enable the param for Ledger Search:

Go to Settings>Configurations>Accounts>General>Ledger Search By Name or Code – Select the Dropdown as Yes.


To enable the param for Item Search:

Go to Settings>Configurations>Inventory>Item>Item Search By Name or Code – Select the Dropdown as Yes.

We have added the acknowledgment number in the Excel import listing, providing clients with a convenient reference when seeking support from our team. Additionally, if an acknowledgment number is not generated in the next 2 minutes for an imported file, this denotes that the users need to re-upload the file.

Note: This feature will work only for Accounting & Inventory transaction import.



RealBooks now supports the seamless upload of Print Alias Names for ledger masters using Excel. Instead of manually entering each Print Alias Name, you can conveniently tag the print names while preparing the ledger master spreadsheet and upload it into the system. This saves time, reduces errors, and simplifies the data entry process.

How to Upload?

In the excel upload format of ledger master, we have added a new column, namely, Ledger Print Name, assign the ledger wise print names under this column, and upload it along with the ledger master.

Our software seamlessly integrates with the GST portal, allowing you to verify GSTINs during the ledger creation process. Once a GSTIN is verified, the system triggers an automatic retrieval of address information associated with the GSTIN from the portal. This ensures that the address details are up-to-date and in sync with the GST records.

How does it work?

Go to Masters>Ledger>Create

Add the GSTIN under the Party Tab, click to verify.

On successful verification, system will auto fetch the address from GST Portal.

We have introduced an advanced capability that automatically fetches the Payment Reference Number for every successful payment made through the integrated ICICI platform. Users no longer need to manually retrieve the Payment Reference Number. Our platform now seamlessly fetches this crucial information for you, eliminating the need for additional steps or manual data entry. This ensures accurate and reliable tracking of your payments.

Wondering how to use the Integrated Banking Facilities? Click here to know more.

Revolutionize your inter-branch sale-purchase workflow by automating the entire inter-branch stock transfer process, right from orders to purchases, with the provision to approve or reject the posting. So, when a purchase order is generated, the system, on the basis of acceptance or rejection, seamlessly auto-posts the sale order in the other branches, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

For more details, please connect with our sales or support team.


With the extended Level-wise Export capability, you can now export the ledger group variation of your Trial Balance at different levels of detail. Whether you need a broad overview or a granular breakdown, this feature provides you with the flexibility to analyze your financial data at the level that suits your needs.

How does it work?

1. Go to Management Report>Trial Balance>Ledger Group

2. Click on the Export Icon

3. Against Excel Level Wise or PDF Level wise option define the Level count for breakdown

4. And then click on Excel Level Wise or PDF Level wise, this will export the report as per hirerachy levels defined.


With the ability to print item descriptions on your Proforma Invoices, you can provide detailed and accurate information about each product or service being offered. This ensures that your customers have a crystal-clear understanding of what they are purchasing.


Users can now display the Outstanding Balance Breakup directly on invoices by enabling a new parameter. This enhancement enables user to provide their debtors a comprehensive breakdown of their outstanding balances, making it easy to keep the balances reconciled.

How to enable the Parameter?
Go to Settings>Configurations>Accounts>Template>Due Amount Details (Template) – Enable the parameter

Note: The feature is currently developed for accounting invoices only.


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