A voucher is an internal document that is used to classify accounting documents. RealBooks creates default set of system voucher type when you start. You can create your own custom voucher masters as per your requirement.


Working with Voucher in RealBooks

Creating of Voucher

STEP 1: Go to Masters ⇒ Accounts ⇒ Voucher ⇒ Create

STEP 2: After selecting create option, fill in the details provided-

General :

Name – Provide a name for the voucher

Nature – Select voucher type nature from the drop down. The nature will be system default.

Visible – Select “Yes” to enable the voucher master for transactions and “No” to disable the voucher master for the transactions.

Ledger Group :


Ledger Group Manage helps the user to minimize mistakes while updating a voucher entry. Ledger Group can be managed in two ways –

1) By configuring All under Ledger Group Manage :

By applying these settings the user can define the compulsory ledger like “Cash & Bank” for Cash Payment voucher . In the same way “Cash & Bank” ledger can be excluded from Journal Voucher settings.

2) By configuring Restricted under Ledger Group Manage :

By applying these settings the user can Restrict all the ledger group except compulsory ledger and other groups present in the “Including” options, like in a Receipt voucher “Cash & Bank” is compulsory and Debtors in Included then no other group will be allowed in the voucher type.

Item Group :

Item group is available for the inventory voucher type only. With the help of this tab, voucher wise item group can be restricted.

Item Group can be managed in two ways –

1) By configuring All with Exclude Following Item Group –

By applying these settings system will allow all item groups except the group mentioned under “Exclude Following Item Group”. As per the below mentioned setup system will allow all item groups except “Finished Goods”.

2) By configuring Restricted with Include Following Item Group –

By applying these settings system will restrict all item groups except the group mentioned under “Include Following Item Group. As per the below mentioned setup system will allow all item groups “Raw Material” only.

Number :

Fourth option is available for configuring the numbering of vouchers, select either of them as per your requirement.

1. Auto Increment Without Reset – It auto generates the voucher numbers in a sequential manner, and doesn’t reset the numbers if any old entry of the same F.Y. is deleted.

2. Auto Increment Reset – It auto generates the voucher numbers in a sequential manner, but resets the numbers if any old entry of the same F.Y is deleted.

3. Auto Increment Manual Update – It enables automatic numbering by the system and user can edit. User can define a segment wise Prefix & Suffix for every financial year, at the same time can put the voucher starting numbers manually.

4. Manual Entry – It enables a fully manual numbering system, which can be numerical & alphanumerical both.


Branch or Segment wile voucher master permission can be given by putting segment restriction.


A) Enable GST – To use GST ledgers in the voucher types, this option has to be enabled.

B) Track GST Ledger wise – This allows calculation of GST on HSN/SAC code wise.

C) GST Computation Method – There are 2 computation methods available.

1. Manual- Here the user has to manually compute the GST.

2. AutomaticThis option helps to compute GST automatically based on HSN / SAC code wise tax rate mapped in Item master of ledger Master.

i. Allow Rate to be updated – This allows to update GST rate manually in the transaction.

ii. Allow Amount to be updated – This allows to update GST amount manually in the transaction.

iii.GST Ledger Mandatory – By enabling the option transaction will not post without GST.

D) GST Round Off – This allows auto round off of the tax amount in the entry.

E) Nature of Party – User can restrict for Transaction of All Person, Registered Person or Unregistered Person.

STEP 3: Once the above details has been feeded, click on save to create the Voucher Type.

Viewing of Voucher

STEP 1: Go to Masters ⇒ Accounts ⇒ Voucher ⇒ View

STEP 2: Once you click on view option, Voucher Type List will appear.

Editing of Voucher

STEP 1: Go to Masters ⇒ Accounts ⇒ Voucher ⇒ Edit

STEP 2: Once you click on edit option, Voucher Type List will appear.

STEP 3: To edit any voucher click on the pencil icon or select the voucher and press enter, VType Master Update page appears, wherein the details can be edited.

Please note: Name & Nature of voucher once created can not be edited.

STEP 4: Click on Save to update the details.

Deleting of Voucher

STEP 1: Go to Masters ⇒ Accounts ⇒ Voucher ⇒ Delete

STEP 2: Once you click on edit option, Voucher Type List will appear,

STEP 3: To delete any voucher click on the cross icon or select the voucher and press delete key. On clicking the same a warning message pop-up appears on screen, which confirms the deletion of the voucher.

 Please Note: System generated vouchers cannot be deleted.




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