The Item Master allows the user to enter all the information related to a particular material.

Working with Item in RealBooks

Creating of Item

STEP 1: Go to Masters ⇒ Inventory ⇒ Item ⇒ Create

STEP 2: Once you click on Create, Item Master creation page will appear.

STEP 3: Fill in the details in the fields provided in every tab:


Item code- Item code, If any.

Item Name – Name of the Item.

Item Group – Select the Item Group for the Item.

Base Unit – Select the base unit.

Item Barcode – Item Barcode, if any.

HSN/SAC Unit – Provide the HSN/SAC code of the item.

Enable Batch – If this feature is enabled, then batch will be activated for this particular item.

Self Life (Applicable only if Enable Batch option has been enabled) – It signifies the expiry period of the item in days.

Enable BOM – If this feature is enabled, then the user can create BOM for this item.

Mark As Service Item – If this feature is enabled, then the stock will not be maintained for this item.

Effect In Stock – If this feature is enabled, then the valuation will be visible in the closing stock.

Mark As Visible – If this feature is enabled, then this item will be visible for transactions, reports and vice versa.

Tax Configuration

Tax Nature – Select the nature of the tax, like Exempt, Non GST, Nill rated or Taxable.

If it is taxable, then fill in the details –

Tax Group – Select the tax group as per requirement (like Inter-State Input, Intra-State Input, etc).

Tax Type – Tax type will automatically appear based on the tax group.

Ledger Name – Select the tax ledger name.

Rate (%) – Tax rate will automatically appear based on the tax ledger.

Exclude Tax – If “Yes” then GST will compute on item rate, if it is “No” then GST will be included in the item rate.

Apply Date – Select the tax rate applicable date.

STEP 4: Click on save to create an Item.

Viewing of Item

STEP 1: Go to Masters ⇒ Inventory ⇒ Item ⇒ View

STEP 2:Once you click on View, Item list page will appear.

The Item List can be viewed in two ways-

a) Item Details – To have a detailed view of the items, the user can select “Item Details” and click on search.

The User can type “all” in the search bar and click on search to view all the items, Or to search any specific item, type at least three characters to get the report.

b) Item Tax Structure – To view the tax structure of the items in details, including (Tax Type, Tax Ledger Name and Tax Rate), the user has to select “Item Tax Structure” and click on search.

The User can type “all” in the search bar and click on search to view all the items, Or to search any specific item, type at least three characters to get the report.

Editing of Item

STEP 1: Go to Masters ⇒ Inventory ⇒ Item ⇒ Edit

STEP 2: Once you click on Edit, Item list page will appear.

To search any specific item, type at least three characters to get the report.

STEP 3: Now click on the pencil icon, the Item Master will be available for Update.

STEP 4: Once you have updated the details click on save.

Deleting of Item

STEP 1: Go to Masters ⇒ Inventory ⇒ Item ⇒ Delete

STEP 2: Once you click on Delete, Item list page will appear.

STEP 3: To search any specific item, type at least three characters to get the report.

STEP 4: Click on the cross icon to delete.

Once you have clicked on the cross icon, a confirmation message will pop on the screen which confirms you to delete the item master.

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