Approval Workflow

Working with Approval Workflow in RealBooks

Configure the Approval Workflow

STEP 1: Go to Settings Configuration option.

STEP 2: Enable the option of “Enable Ledger Approval” and click on “Activate/Deactivate Feature”

Creating of Approval Workflow

STEP 1: Go to Masters  Accounts  Approval Workflow  Create

STEP 2: Fill in the details to create the approval matrix as per your requirement and click on save; eg- as per the details configured in the below screenshot for any entry update by any user and edit for all the vtypes the approval option will reflect on the home screen of the user “admin”

 STEP 3: Once the approval workflow is configured in the masters and the entry updated by any user will be reflecting in the admin user’s home screen for approving.

STEP 4: To approve the entry click on “Approve” option highlighted in the below screenshot.

STEP 5: To reject the entry click on “Reject” option highlighted in the below screenshot.

STEP 6: While rejecting any entry one can also add the comment so that the the user who updated the entry can understand the reason for rejecting the entry by clicking on “Comment” option.

STEP 7: Once you click on “comment” option, pop-up appears on the screen for adding the comment.


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