Accounting Transactions

Working with Transactions

  • Creating simple accounting transactions: Follow this simple guide to start using RealBooks and create simple accounting vouchers. Learn how to create Receipt vouchers, Payment vouchers, Journal vouchers, and Contra entries using RealBooks.
  • Editing / Deleting a transaction / invoice: Editing or deleting the voucher is very simple in RealBooks. Just make sure not to ruin your voucher serial no by deleting a voucher. Hence we recommend you not give all users the permission to delete a transaction.
  • Creating a GST compliant Tax Invoice for Services: RealBooks does the heavy lifting for you in the GST computations. Just make sure you have set up the masters properly. A detailed guide has been written to help you set up the books right.
  • Recording an inward supply from registered supplier: Realbooks helps you record inward supplies from registered vendors and allows you to record the rate and amount as given in the tax invoice received from vendor.
  • Recording an inward supply from unregistered supplier: Realbooks automatically computes the taxes payable and credit receivable against the same in the case supplies received from unregistered suppliers.
  • Recording an advance received from a customer: Realbooks has gone an extra mile to make life easy for the users by tracking the advances received on which GST is paid and also tracking the reversals when such advances are adjusted against invoices raised on customers.
  • Issuing a debit note / credit to a party:


Additional activities on Transaction page

  • Attaching document to voucher Save all documents right with the transaction. This helps you save time in future as you or your auditor verify a transaction, or if ever the income tax department calls for documentary evidence in case of a scrutiny.
  • Capturing bank details: This is an optional feature that allows you to capture instrument details separately instead of noting them in narration. This facilitates in easily reconciling the bank.
  • Capturing bill detailsManage your cashflows by capturing bill details along with due dates. This allows you to view ageing reports and send reminders to customers and collect money timely. RealBooks can send you automated mails alerting you to make timely payments to your vendors.
  • Capturing cost details: Set up cost centre to see how different areas of your business are performing (such as departments, cost centres, or locations). This way, your reports help you make proactive business decisions.
  • Creating and using a voucher templateCreate a template out an existing entry to ease out the data entry. All entries that require same line items can be created from a template. Typical entries that can be created out of templates are rental entries, salary entries etc.
  • Recording a foreign currency transaction: You can send invoices or receive bills and payments in any no of currencies as you wish. Additionally you can track bills in foreign currency, allowing you to manage your cashflows in the currency in which the transaction took place.


Simplifying Transaction page


Taking Prints

  • Taking a standard print of Invoice or using a customised Invoice
  • Taking a print of voucher


Importing / Exporting Bulk Transaction

Related Content

  • Approving entries
  • Setting up Permissions for back dated entries and edits for every user


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