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Simple Accounts

Start accounting in minutes, import your existing tally data and start managing your finances immediately. Get your profitability, receivables and payables on the dashboard from any where any time.

Simple inventory

Manage your inventory with simple sales or a more complex orders to cash cycles. Create price list and set up rule based cash discounts upon receipts. Do simple purchases or a more complex orders to pay cycle.

Advanced inventory

Handle complex production cycles with bill of material and plan your purchases with material requisition planning. Create production plans and production orders. Handle stores, all in one place.

Discover features that drive business efficiency

Scheduled Notifications

  • Get intelligent notifications on mails
  • Set rules for notifications on transactions
  • Get RealBooks to send you automated reports
  • Set up schedule for receiving various reports

Built for Large Teams

  • You grow and RealBooks scales with you
  • RealBooks can easily handle millions of records
  • Define permissions and restrict access to data
  • Restrict back dated entries and edits

Online and Offline

  • Access your books anytime and anywhere
  • Get rid of expensive Servers and IT team
  • Generate invoices offline at factory and shops
  • RealBooks is available on iOS and Android

Multi Company Multi Branches

  • Create unlimited companies and branches
  • Get consolidated reports for all branches
  • Auto posting for inter-branch entries
  • Define permissions for users in various branches

Simple Compliances

  • Stay up-to-date with changing compliances
  • Set up to automatically compute VAT, TDS with Withholding Tax
  • View reports for VAT, TDS with Withholding Tax payments
  • Generate reports for VAT, TDS with Withholding Tax returns

Multiple Profit / Cost Centres

  • Manage multiple cost centres / profit centres
  • Map transactions with two groups simultaneously
  • Get profitability statement for profit / cost groups
  • View reports filtered by profit / cost centre

Production & Costing

  • Manufacturing Journals & Bill of Material
  • Batch Management & Quality Checking
  • Production Plan & Material Requisition Planning
  • Costing for goods produced – Coming soon

Order Management

  • Take sales orders from customers
  • Give purchase orders to suppliers
  • Fulfil orders by tagging materials and invoices
  • Track status of pending orders

Withholding Tax

  • Configure all expenses and payments with withholding tax rates
  • Capture withholding tax details during the time of accounting entry automatically
  • Generate summary and detailed statements with expense and tax amounts
  • Generate excel with tax and payment details


  • Know your company’s finances at a glance
  • Analyse profitability of branches & projects
  • Budget money with a summary of dues
  • Know the status of compliances done
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