Track & Manage your Fixed Assets Register (FAR)

About RealBooks FAR

With our Fixed Asset Register, create a list of all Fixed Assets owned by your business, maintain both financial and non-financial information pertaining to each asset, automate the depreciation calculation process, and save hours spent on manual calculations. Our FAR module works in sync with the Accounting module, so to use FAR, the user must use the RealBooks Accounting module too.

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Key Features

Categorization as per Books

Assets can be categorized under Ledger groups to maintain a proper Chart of Accounts.

Block-wise classification of Assets for Income Tax Purposes

Categorize Asset into predefined blocks as per IT Act for accuracy in calculation

Better Tracking of Assets

Arrange the assets based on Location & sub-location, making it easy to know the exact branch/site where the assets are placed.

Transparency in Accountability

Tag Assets to Employees and ensure custodian-wise accountability.

Insurance Details

Capture Individual Asset wise Insurance Details like insurance number, insured value, warranty details, and insurance expiry date.

Depreciation Calculation

Set Depreciation Rules as per IT Act &Co.s Act, to maintain Accuracy in Calculations, saving manual computation time.

Book your Asset Purchase

Book purchases from the FAR module and log all the details related to the asset.

Integrate with Accounting Module

The FAR module is integrated with the Finance Module which will help in the automation of transaction posting.

Easy Reconciliation

Reconcile your physical assets with the FAR module easily.