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Do I still need to maintain physical copies of vouchers?

No, entries can be directly posted in the system, or physical copies can be maintained, scanned, uploaded and attached to the entries in RealBooks.

How do I upload vouchers to Realbooks?

We use the services of Dropbox to upload documents into RealBooks. You need to download dropbox on your PC and link it your dropbox account to RealBooks. You scan the docuements and let them directly get stored in Dropbox folder and it will automatically get uploaded into RealBooks.

Does Realbooks support multi branch accounting?

Yes. We have branch accoutning built in right into the heart of the software. RealBooks can give you PnL reports for each branch independently and can roll up the data at company level.

Can I create my own workflow with approval system?

Approvals (maker / checker) can have be easily created in realBooks with predifend rules. eg.

I have multiple businesses, how can RealBooks help me?

Great, RealBooks is the perfect solution for you. We have segment / branch / group accounting built in right into the heart of the software. RealBooks can give you PnL reports for each business independently and can roll up the data for the parent body / company.

Do you handle payroll?

We have a very simple TDS and GST module built in. The GST is seamlessly integrated with the GST Network of Government, hence you don’t have to do anything except in look at reports.

What happens if the server goes down or the internet connection fails?

The server is backed up continuosly and proper fail over mechanisms are in place. However, in the remote likelihood of the server going down, we have expert IT guys who will bring the system up in shortest time possible.

Is RealBooks available on my mobile device?

“Yes RealBooks is available on mobile as well. You can approve transactions and view your dashboard and reports on your mobile on the go. Simply visit the PlayStore (Android) or App Store (iOS) to download the RealBooks app “

Once I signup is my company or personal information secure?

Yes, your information is 100% secure, we use Amazon’s world renowned AWS servers only to ensure complete confidentiality of your data

What are the main advantages of using cloud accounting software?

The main advantages of using cloud accounting software are as follows:

  • Pay As You Go
  • Safety Backups
  • Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime
  • Multi-Location Accounting with Real-Time Consolidation and Reporting
  • Ease of Communication between locations
  • Economically Priced Products
What is the difference between cloud and desktop accounting software?

You have access to your business intelligence any time, any where for taking informed business decisions without spending excessively on harware and internet technology.

How do I get started and create a account?

Starting RealBooks is very simple and exploring RealBooks is free. Simple provide your email id and provide the company details and you can get started with RealBooks.

Who is behind RealBooks?

RealBooks is the brain child of Neeraj Jain and Anurag Mohta. You can read more about them in the about section.

How can RealBooks help me?

Information is flowing from many different locations and sources. RealBooks can be the hub for all financial information to flow into, from different locations and from different systems. RealBooks processes all this data provides timely and accurate reports and analysis or in other words Business Inteliigence.

What is RealBooks all about?

RealBooks has been designed to take accounting functions to the cloud helping in easy collabration for your team sitting across different locations and easy integration capabalities with other systems like your Bank, your CRM and your e-commerce portals.

Do we need to know accounting to use accounting software?

Yes, we must have some background of accounting and knowledge of the Golden Rule to be able to use RealBooks. We follow the double entry book keeping system and any Tally user shall find it very easy to adapt to RealBooks.

We beilive that the world is moving towards increasing inter-dependence. This requires collaboration between skilled people who know their trade well. Skilled people need specialised tools. RealBooks is a specialised tool in hands of Accountants and Book keepers. We want you to focus on your business and let an skilled accoutant handle your books. If you want you can always outsource your books to Bookkeepers.

Why do I need an accounting software?

An accounting software helps in creating instant reports by summarising the transaction as it is recorded. We will be able to see receivables, payables, party ledgers, stock statements, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and many other reports the moment a transacion is recorded in the software.

Do you have integration with my bank accounts?

We have upload facility of banking excel file, and are actively working towards integrating banking access directly into the System.

Can I link it to my courier service provider tracking details?

We can always integrate our software with other service providers, if you so require.

Is it possible to make payments to parties through RealBooks app?

No, we do not currently have payment processing built in to the system.

How do I track my pending orders?

There is a simple Order Status report for tracking the status of purchase orders, sales orders.

Can I create my own price lists?

Yes price lists can be created globally for an item or can be party specific.

Do you support multi warehouse inventory management?

Yes, multiple warehouses / godowns management is simple in RealBooks.

How can I maintain my inventory with Realbooks?

Maintaining inventory can be done for simple scanarios to complex ones depending on the complexity of your business. From simple Purchase – Sale – Stock Journal to Material Requisition Planning with multi-satge Production.

How much does RealBooks cost?

RealBooks charges on a per user per year basis – depending on the feature requirements. There are 3 categories – Professional (Rs. 5,000/- per year or Rs. 500 per month), Business (Rs. 10,000/- per year or Rs. 1,000/- per month) or Enterprise (Rs. 20,000/- per year or Rs. 2,000 per month). You can refer to the features available for each user on https://realbooks.in/index.php#price

Why should I shift from my existing software to RealBooks?

The whole world is moving the cloud, with access to data anytime, anywhere the possibilities are immense.

How do I move my data from Tally to Realbooks?

RealBooks provides import and export facility in Tally XML format. Kindly note, Tally Back Up file is different from Tally XML file required for imports and exports.

Is it easy to switch to a different package at any point of time?

Yes, RealBooks provides seamless trainsition from Tally and also in case you want to switch back to Tally, that is also possible.

Do I still need a book keeper after I get RealBooks?

No, you can outsource your books to a Outsourcing Partner and they can manage your books for you. RealBooks by itself cannot do data entry for you, someone must put in the data

What other financial services does RealBooks provide?

RealBooks team do two other things – we provide outsourcing service where we manage your books in a highly process based approach where we use RealBooks as our platform. We also provide custom business software designed and developed to exactly suit your needs.

Can RealBooks completely replace our accountant?

RealBooks provides the platform for you to outsource your books such that accoutants at your office can be replaced.

How can I become a partner?

You can become a RealBooks partner in two ways – an Implementation partner, or an Outsourcing partner.

An implementation partner helps in implementing RealBooks to businesses and provides training and support to them on an ongoing basis. An outsourcing partner used RealBooks as a platform to provide book keeping and contunuous audit services to businesses.

Kindly contact us if you wish to partner with us.

Can I create pay slips?

Yes, payslips can be sent directly from the system to all employees.

How can I maintain employee attendance with Realbooks?

Attendance can be uploaded directly in excel format into RealBooks.

Do you handle payroll?

Yes, we also have a simple payroll software with leave management, branch wise payroll processing and timesheet built in.

How many users can access the software at a given time?

As many as you want – it’s a cloud based softare with a very robust database driving the system.

What type of industries and businesses is RealBooks equipped to serve?

RealBooks can cater to needs of profesionals, service providers, shops, traders and manufacturing concerns.

Does RealBooks support multiple languages?

Currently, we are providing RealBooks only in English.

Do I still need Microsoft Office?

No, the system runs on a browser. So all platforms can be used – Mac, Windows, or Linux .

Can I receive reports at pre defined intervals?

Yes, you can schedule reports from RealBooks to reach you at pre-defined day and time repeatedly.

What kind of reports does RealBooks provide? Are these customizable?

Realbooks provides all kinds of reports:

Profitability reports – Profit & Loss Statements, Cost Reports, Work Order Report

Cashflow reports – Cashflow statements, receivables, payables with ageing

Productivity reports – Stock statements with fast moving, slow moving analysis, Order Status reports

How do I see a snapshot of my key data like cash flow and BRS?

They can be accessed via your mobile app or via the dashboard of RealBooks. Detailed reports can always be accessed from the system.

Are the bank/ card details secured?

Since no payment are processed from RealBooks, we do not store your credit card / bank transaction credentials.

Is it better to keep a local copy of our data too?

In our opion there is no need as we are taking continuous back ups of your data and archiving them on the cloud. However, if you wish to retain a copy of your data in Excel or Tally format you can always download It from the system.

Is it safe to put the confidential financial data in the cloud?

None safer than having your money with a Bank. We are using world class ifrastructure provided by Amazon to secure your finacial data.

Are there any training modules to get acquainted with the software?

RealBooks can be learnt in three ways – Tutorials on Youtube, Help Documents or Tours within the Software. Additionally, training programs can be conducted at an addiotional fee.

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