About RealBooks

RealBooks is a cloud accounting software designed for professional service firms and accounting practices. It streamlines financial tasks such as invoicing, bookkeeping and expense tracking with features such as document management and permission-based access. With RealBooks, financial data can be accessed and shared from anywhere. It is user-friendly and accessible to businesses of all sizes, offering an all-in-one solution for automating accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, tax preparation and compliance.

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Key Features

    The document attachment feature of RealBooks, has solved a major issue of physical verification of supporting documents at the time of auditing. The accountant directly uploads the supporting documents with a single drag and drop, while making the entry and the half screen document visibility makes the process easier.

    RealBooks offers Chartered Accountants a centralized solution to manage financial operations for an unlimited number of companies with its Single User license. The ability to switch between companies easily eliminates the need for multiple systems, making RealBooks a powerful and flexible choice for CA's. This feature also boosts efficiency and productivity by allowing them to handle multiple clients and projects at once.

    RealBooks offers Chartered Accountants a centralized platform for real-time data sharing with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. The platform improves collaboration and communication by eliminating manual data transfer methods and allowing access levels to be set. This feature enables easy sharing of financial data with other professionals like auditors or tax consultants.

    RealBooks is an affordable bookkeeping solution for businesses, especially accounting firms. It offers features such as invoicing, bookkeeping, compliance, reporting, and data management at a fraction of the cost of traditional accounting software. As a cloud-based platform, it eliminates hardware costs and is easy to use, reducing training needs. RealBooks saves Chartered Accountants costs with 2A reconciliation and direct GST filing. Ideal for small to medium-sized practices, it's a cost-effective choice for professional service firms.

    RealBooks offers convenient, cloud-based access to financial data from any device. Ideal for Chartered Accountants, the platform allows for remote work and real-time collaboration with a team or clients from different locations. Get seamless, on-the-go access to financial data with RealBooks.

    RealBooks offers Real-Time GST Consolidation, providing real-time visibility into GST data. This feature enables users to analyze and monitor their GST information as soon as it is entered, ensuring up-to-date compliance and informed business decisions. With Real-Time GST Consolidation, businesses can stay on top of their tax obligations.

    Streamline report generation with an automated reporting feature for Chartered Accountants. Get accurate data analysis and insights to drive better business decisions. Customizable reports to meet specific needs. Saves time and effort, ideal for high volume clients. Efficiently manage client financial data and provide precise financial reports.

    RealBooks offers personalized training and support for Chartered Accountants to maximize their use of the software. This includes one-on-one training on software utilization and ongoing support for any questions or issues. The goal is to improve efficiency, stay compliant with regulations, and streamline client financial data management. RealBooks helps Chartered Accountants fully utilize the software's features and capabilities for better service to clients.

    RealBooks streamlines accounting tasks to boost team productivity. The software reduces manual errors, increases data accuracy, automates repetitive tasks, and offers real-time GST Consolidation. RealBooks also offers insightful reporting, support, and training. This central location for clients' financial data enhances collaboration and communication among team members. RealBooks is a valuable tool for Chartered Accountants to improve productivity and offer better client service.


Right For You

RealBooks is a professional tool that makes driving sound financial decisions every day easy.

Collaborate with clients
Give secure access to your clients for invoice generation, reporting, etc.

Access on any device, any time
Access on your desktop, tab, or mobile with simple internet connectivity.

Multi-company access
Give permission base access for each company to your entire team.

Right For Your Clients

With RealBooks your clients can take financial decisions like a Fortune 500 company.

Real-time bookkeeping
Up-to-date client accounts with complete transparency.

Insightful Reporting
Over 200 live reports enhance decision making by providing valuable insights.

Highly Scalable
Suitable for small, mid-sized, large and even listed companies.

Grow your practice. Switch to RealBooks