Case Study : How can a Reseller Grow his Business 10x with RealBooks

  • Posted on July 2, 2022
  • By Romil Sarna

RealBooks introduces a reseller program, a sales channel partner program for entrepreneurs and professionals.

An opportunity for all Resellers to learn, share, earn, and grow 10x with Realbooks.

The beating heart of any company, be it a small start-up or an entire organization, is its accounting system.

Therefore the general functioning of the account management activities is a key determinant of the company’s overall progress and growth.

Very often, a lag in the accounting management department is what hinders the expansion of the business or the company.

This brings in the need for a messiah that can simplify the very process of accounting and associated management.

And that is where Realbooks comes in.

Individual bill payments or a lump sum amount from a debtor- everything is
seamlessly handled with
this feature. This payment gateway proves beneficial for both you and your customers.
The plus point? You don’t have to pay any extra amount to RealBooks. Nominal charges
Nimbbl may apply.

Grow your business with RealBooks Reseller Program

RealBooks is world-class cloud-based accounting software in India that seeks to untangle financial complexities for start-ups, businesses, and accountants.

It provides a comprehensive solution to major and minor accounting hiccups that companies invariably face, by providing a platform to manage a gamut of financial activities by the tip of the finger.

RealBooks reseller program alternatively provides a platform for startups and businesses to grow with Realbooks.

Romil Sarna

Tech, Realbooks