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What is Cloud Accounting? Cloud accounting or cloud-based accounting or web-based accounting is the application of accounting as software as a service using the internet and cloud. Earlier accounting was usually spreadsheet or manual-based. But today accounting is widely used on mobile and internet devices and this transformation gave rise to cloud accounting. Online accounting, […]

If you are new to cloud accounting software, make sure you know how it is more productive for your business. A cloud accounting software simply means accounting software on the cloud. And that means you have access to your systems anytime, anywhere with the help of your browser and an internet connection. Over the decades, […]

What is accounting software? Accounting software is basically a GST software package that usually manages all financial accounting and planning for a business. Any business either small or large uses accounting software for invoicing, sales and purchases, inventory management, tracking incomes and expenses, and taxation such as GST or VAT. However, accounting software is specially […]