Case Study : How can a Reseller Grow his Business 10x with RealBooks

RealBooks introduces a reseller program, a sales channel partner program for entrepreneurs and professionals.

An opportunity for all Resellers to learn, share, earn, and grow 10x with Realbooks.

The beating heart of any company, be it a small start-up or an entire organization, is its accounting system.

Therefore the general functioning of the account management activities is a key determinant of the company’s overall progress and growth.

Very often, a lag in the accounting management department is what hinders the expansion of the business or the company.

This brings in the need for a messiah that can simplify the very process of accounting and associated management.

And that is where Realbooks comes in.


Grow your business with RealBooks Reseller Program

RealBooks is world-class cloud-based accounting software in India that seeks to untangle financial complexities for start-ups, businesses, and accountants.

It provides a comprehensive solution to major and minor accounting hiccups that companies invariably face, by providing a platform to manage a gamut of financial activities by the tip of the finger.

RealBooks reseller program alternatively provides a platform for startups and businesses to grow with Realbooks.

It is a channel partner program that ensures to grow it channel partner network across the country and grow up with partners all across India and the World.

Thus the channel partner program provides independent financial freedom for startups.

There are no fees for joining the RealBooks partner program. All you have to do is join our webinars and free demo to learn about RealBooks.

And demonstrate it to your clients and sell RealBooks as your own product.

So you become a member of our valued community and continue to learn and grow.


Adopting the Cloud-based Accounting Software Apps

RealBooks offers a smooth transition and easy migration from existing software and allows the user to begin account management immediately.

It offers the benefits of a simple as well as an advanced inventory at the user’s disposal.

Our cloud-based apps can be utilized to perform activities ranging from creating price-lists and rule-based cash discounts upon receipts.

And handling complex production cycles from planning purchases to material requisition planning.

RealBooks also provide detailed and accurate reports regarding various aspects of the business.

It uses to track payables and receivables and monitor the productivity and profitability of a company, branch, or project.

Our reseller program ensures that our partners get the necessary training to demonstrate all these features to clients

And make them aware of the benefits of adopting cloud accounting.


Switch to a Paperless Office

One of the major areas in which RealBooks eases business management and accounting is in the documentation sector.

As it is cloud base software, it eliminates the need for records.

Thanks to the document management feature.

Bills and documents can be uploaded directly to the cloud or via dropbox and book-keeping can be centralized.

Resellers can demonstrate these important features to their clients and allow a positive transition.


Access your books anytime

RealBooks allows you to access your books anytime and anywhere.

And the need for unnecessary splurging on expensive servers and IT teams is negated.

Moreover, it is iOS and Android compatible, making it a management solution on the go.

RealBooks can also easily track sales orders, purchase orders, and the status of pending orders to allow for glitch-free management.

The production and cost planning, batch management and quality checking too can be done via it.


Manage multiple branches

If you have multiple companies or branches at your helm, RealBooks is the one-stop, go-to management solution for all of them.

It allows users to get consolidated reports for all branches,

Auto-post for inter-branch entries

And define permissions for users in various branches, making the humongous task of managing multiple companies or branches seem like a cake-walk.


Accounts at a glance

The unique dashboard feature allows the user to analyze the company’s finances.

The profitability of branches and projects, and know the status of compliances done- all at a single glance!

So you can also use RealBooks to generate GST-Compliant invoices.

And boost brand identity with unique designs. It can also track aging by tagging receipts with invoices.


Define permissions and enhance data security

RealBooks is an ever-growing avenue for your business and accounts.

It can handle millions of records with ease, restrict back-dated entries and edits and define permissions to the data.

The advanced security feature ensures that your data never compromise.

The intelligent notifications help you to keep a track of all your activities and give you reminders and automated reports to ease the process of accounting and management.

RealBooks derives its multi-faceted approach from its equally multi-talented team.

It is helmed by Anurag Mohta, an MBA graduate from IIM Lucknow.

He is a former global investment banker with a decade of unparalleled global experience,

And Neeraj Jain, a Chartered Accountant, has made his mark as one of the most renowned CAs in the country.

Though both of them are from non-technical backgrounds they have been tireless in their efforts to learn the technicalities and take their brainchild to even newer heights.


What’s in it for the RealBooks reseller program?

RealBooks Reseller program offers best in class commissions for re-seller partners.

It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that generates recurring revenue for its partners.

There is also a window to increase revenue through implementation, all the while providing necessary support to the end-client.

Moreover, RealBooks provides easy integration with other software via Application Program Interface (API).

It is a product that can cater to small and medium businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies with equal dexterity.

It provides the best in class marketing and sales support as well as around the clock tech support, making it one of the most dependable products of its kind.


Case Study by one of our Reseller: Problem

One of their customers is a Mumbai based logistics company with six branches across India.

The volume of data entries the company dealt with was humongous and majorly repetitive.

And having multiple branches make the accounting and management procedure even more complex.

That is where RealBooks came in to ease the difficulties that the company faced.



To eradicate the problem of Multiple Ledgers, RealBooks helped the client by creating a Central Ledger.

Thus creating a uniform ledger account system instead of fragmented branch ledgers.

This also allowed the Head Office to define the permissions of each branch separately.

So even though the ledgers were the same for the entire business, the access given to the branch offices is in control.

The huge volume of repetitive transactions that the company dealt with was simplified via RealBooks, which automated their inter-branch entries, saving a lot of time and effort on the go.

The consolidated reports of all the branches could now be accessed with ease anytime and anywhere.

Also, thanks to the Centralized Ledger system, the company could easily plan its expansion minus the looming problem of branch accounting management.

This means that a company can now have an unbiased focus on business expansion, without having to undergo accounting troubles and the company’s resources, time and energy can be whole-heartedly directed to this purpose, without undergoing further lags due to accounting or branch management issues.


In Conclusion:

RealBooks offers an extensive solution to a vast array of accounting management problems faced by companies and accountants.

With its technical proficiency and hands-on problem-management experience, RealBooks is set to become the go-to solution for major as well as small-scale companies or organizations alike.

It is on its way to revolutionize the very system of accounting, keep up with the changing times, and take it to its new zenith.

The age of futuristic accounting has arrived and RealBooks is one of its prime flag-bearers.

RealBooks is one of the best accounting software in India when it comes to accounting software.

Enjoy RealBooks and grow your business.



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