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A good business has it’s base built upon a strong financial structure. The most important aspect of this is monitoring cashflows, receivables and payables. Hence choosing the right accounting software is critical. A great business idea can fizzle out without proper financial systems. In today‚Äôs day and age, flow of information on a real-time basis […]

Over the decades, Bookkeeping has been done in the same old-tradition where a software is installed into the system from where all the day-to-day accounting is done. In most cases, these systems are installed in office which cannot be accessed round the clock. The result – delayed in recording daily expenses, non-reconciliation of bank accounts, […]

Blockchain system: conceptualized in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto to serve as the backbone of bitcoin. Bitcoin, as you must know, is a form of cryptocurrency. The Blockchain works as a decentralized, public ledger that aggregates and authenticates every single transaction from anywhere in the world. A blockchain is transparent, constantly updated and highly secured. It […]

[1] TAN number: TAN [TDS/TCS deduction/collection account number] has to be obtained by all persons deducting TDS by applying in form 49B, except for sections 194-IA [purchase of immovable property] and 194-1B [rent payment by an individual/HUF]. [2] Tax Deposit Date: Tax deducted/collected, whether credited or paid, should be deposited within 7 days of month […]