How Online Accounting Improves Cashflows

improve your cash flows by using an online accounting software.

A good business has it’s base built upon a strong financial structure. The most important aspect of this is monitoring cashflows, receivables and payables. Hence choosing the right accounting software is critical. A great business idea can fizzle out without proper financial systems. In today’s day and age, flow of information on a real-time basis is essential. An online accounting software goes a long way in ensuring this.

Here are a few points to improve cash flows through using an online accounting software:

Choose a good online accounting package

Choosing a good online package to regulate cash flows is basically outsourcing your cash flow management to an online service. All accounting software will give you basic reports about the health of your business, but a good software is one which automates invoicing and sets reminders for your clients to pay their invoices. It also sends you intuitive and comprehensive reports about your business performance at scheduled intervals automatically.

 Mobile Management

Managing your accounting through apps is easier than it sounds. Also, it enables you to monitor things at ease no matter where you are. You can issue a invoice from your mobile itself and in case of a query or doubt about a certain transaction you can open the app on your phone anytime anywhere and check for the details on it without needing to rush to your office or calling your accounts manager. Whether you are traveling for work or on holiday, data is available with just a few clicks on the phone.

Monitoring branch performance

Getting information about collections at each of your locations, having follow ups with debtors is very important. In a multi-location set-up, it is natural for management to focus more on the location they operate out of, however that sometimes is counter productive and leads to wrong decision making. This can be avoided via an online real-time accounting system which gives accurate on-time information to the management.

Communication between branches improves and helps management plan better.

Being Pro-active vs Re-active

This is one of the biggest issues faced by companies – they react to certain incidents rather than take measures to ensure that results are favourable. The reason is that information does not travel fast enough and they receive information typically after the incident is over or it’s too late to do anything about it. If you are not dependent on anyone for viewing and analysing information then you can take pro-active measures to turn everything into an opportunity.

 Creating a Budget

This is supposedly the most important part of the financing of business.

A budget is the road map to all cash inflow and outflow. It estimates the revenue generation as a result of all decision to be taken in the stipulated time.

Without a budget, the manager would have no control or information about the performance of the firm, whether the goals are being achieved or the targets are being completed.

This is where online budgeting of cash flows performs a magical role. A good online budget keeps a track of ongoing performance and shows data statistically in charts and diagrams which are easy to understand. It shows the deviation from the set goals and allows for change in the budget where an improvement can be made.

They also allow for comparisons to previous quarters or year to help understand the business in the long run.


Look out for online accounting packages. Most renowned packages help connect a lot of devices for the same account so your data is accessible and manageable everywhere you go.

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