How to create a paperless office?

Make your office paperlessIndia is still in the phase where papers are used extensively for day-to-day activities. Though there is a wave of Digital transformation the adoption of the same has been slow among the people. The result is huge piles of papers cluttered at our workplaces, homes, etc.

But the question is – Do we need these many papers on an everyday basis? The answer is definitely No. It is just that we are so used to live in space that is so cluttered that the idea of a clear space or rather a paperless office has never been on our inspiration list.

Most of us would here think that Why do I actually need a paperless office? How would it help me? – Well, most of the success guru believe that a clear an uncluttered space gives them more clarity in their thoughts and help them stay organized making them more productive. Also, going paperless in a bigger way means saving the environment. A small contribution towards preserving our ecosystem.

But How can you achieve it? Especially when you have been dependent on papers of your life. Well even if it’s not an easy transformation, small steps towards building a paperless office can always be good to start off with.

Use Digital Devices Smartly

Each one of us is surrounded with gadgets that when smartly used can reduce our consumption of paper on a daily basis. With Digital Calendars, Planners, Notes, etc. the need to physically record things is much reduced. Also, when storing data digitally the chances of your data getting lost is negligible as all the data in your gadgets are synced with your account which can be retrieved easily anytime, anywhere.

Adopting Cloud-Based Apps

A Cloud-Based App gives you the convenience of accessing it anytime, anywhere. Also, the data is much more secure and easily accessible. From daily accounting to daily business tasks all can be done through various cloud-based apps available online.

Some of the useful apps are :

  1. RealBooks – A Cloud-Based Accounting Software
  2. Google Documents – To collaborate on documents
  3. Drop Box – To share files

Especially for offices which wish to go paperless in the near future, adoption of a Cloud Based Accounting Software is a must. RealBooks is a GST-Ready Cloud-based accounting software that allows its users to access it from anywhere through its desktop version as well mobile application. Users can easily scan and upload their important documents, bills, etc. eliminating the need to store each and every document physically with you.

The huge benefit of adopting these softwares is – the next time you need a particular document or invoice instead of searching your entire office for small documents you can easily find it in the software- safely stored.

Also, since Cloud-Based tools allows teams to collaborate and work on the same documents simultaneously he need to physically download and share the documents is eliminated.

Lastly, with all the reports automatically being generated the need to physically create and present the documents to the management is reduced.

Switch to Paperless Billing

You must be receiving a large number of bills, bank statements, etc. throughout the year. Today all the companies offer a paperless option where they send e-bills and statements to your mail directly.

Switching to Electronic Documents would not only save paper but also make you more organized making it easier for you to find them even after a long time.

Make your Files Digital

Most of the offices are cluttered with a stack of files and folders – to which we keep adding more every year. The result – Cluttered spaces and finding the right documents when needed is very difficult. The solution is to simple start saving the digital version of the file.Here you you need to cautious as sorting documents which needs to be digitally saved would require your time and input.

Use Digital Payments

When payments are done digitally a receipt of the same is sent to you electronically. This saves paper in-turn helping your office turn paperless. An app like BHIM, Tez, Paytm, etc. can be used to make Digital Payments in India.

Is Setting up a Paperless Office possible?

If any individual or company adopts the above mentioned small steps achieving a paperless office is not at all difficult. All the resources mentioned are easily available. The only challenge is adopting it into our lifestyle.






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