How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for your business? (Checklist)

Checklist for Choosing the accounting softwareGone are the days, where accounting software was confined to a few monopoly players in the Industry. With modern business practices, the demand and migration to advance accounting software have been an ever growing trend. With the term Modern or Advance Accounting Software, we simply mean a software that does not just help with the bookkeeping services but can a useful resource for business analytics and planning.

There are no second thoughts on the value addition this accounting software can make to your business. But most of the businesses need help is to Choosing the right accounting software.

So how to do we know what is best for your business. Well, it’s easy – you need to ask a few simple questions. We have prepared a quick checklist of questions to ask before you choose an accounting software for your business.

What Are My Business Needs?

In the first place access what your business needs. Think and figure out the accounting tasks essential to your business.

Like, do you have simple needs for sending invoices, managing expenses, etc or you want more complex solutions like inventory control, payroll management? Only when you know what your business needs are you can define the core competencies of your accounting software.

But above all, define the area you want to grow your business in. A right accounting solution should be able to manage both your current and future business needs.

Is the Software Easy to Use?

Complex software have lower adoption rates. Always, opt for an accounting software that you and your team can easily use but has a strict security.

Picking up a complicated accounting software would require additional efforts on workshops and training.

But how do know the software is easy to use? Ask for a Free Trial. Make your team members try the software on a pilot basis and take reviews before making the final purchase. Because remember an over-complicated software even with advanced solutions will always be unutilized.

RealBooks has an Explorer version which allows all its clients to explore RealBooks for Free. Sign up for a free version today by clicking here.

Is the Software Secure?

Security is one of the major concerns while choosing an accounting software. Accounting data being the core of any business needs to be secure from any physical or natural occurring damage.

Over the years, Accounting Data has always been saved on hard disks and servers. But now with the emergence of Cloud Storage, all the major players in the Accounting Software Industry have been seen adopting Cloud to build their solutions.

Cloud-based software are not easy to use but also can help in simplifying your day-to-day activities. To know more about How a Cloud-Based Software can simplify your workday click here.

Cloud is not only secure but also free from any physical or natural damage. Where hard disk and servers need to be backed up regularly, Cloud gives you automatic backups saving time and efforts.

Will the Software Grow with My Business?

There’s nothing worse than subscribing to a service only to find that it doesn’t support your growth.

While today you might be content to send invoices to clients, track your expenses and get paid online, you might look for more sophisticated features as your business grows. So, yes think about your immediate needs, but also consider what happens when you start working with teams or need to build financial reports.

Always find a software that allows you to upgrade as an when your business grows. With RealBooks having 3 Subscription Plans you can always upgrade to the best.

Is the Software on Budget?

Once the free trial is exhausted you not only need to shift to plan that will fulfill your business needs but also fits into your budget.

Always keep in mind that investment in an accounting software should be always thought of in long-term. Think about the budgets you can allocate for your accounting solutions for atleast 5 years and compare your different accounting software in terms of pricing to choose the best.

Where RealBooks always have a free plan – you can always update to Professional, Business and Enterprise Edition depending upon your budget and needs.


Choosing the right business accounting software doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You don’t have to be overwhelmed with the choices available. You just need to ask (and answer) the right questions.

Do that and you’ll narrow down your queries and find the right solution, a solution that’s the perfect fit. A solution that offers the features your business needs. And, if you’re looking for more than an Accounting Solution opt for RealBooks. For more details log on to –

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