What are the Advance Accounting Solution available for businesses today? (Infographic)

Modern Accounting or Advanced Accounting is one of the trending topics in the business world. Especially after the GST Implementation in India, businesses have been actively looking for Advance Solutions to manage their day-to-day accounting Majorly, because GST has made accounting crucial and a regular activity for all businesses. From quarterly return filing to filing returns on a monthly basis, India is now moving towards a world where one needs to have his accounts on their fingertips. Be it in terms of data transparency, detailed disclosures or tax payments.

To bring the Modern Business Culture or what we can call a Transparent Business Culture we need Advance Accounting Solutions to support our businesses. Though advance accounting can have various parameters depending on the scale or scope of business let’s first highlight the basics which every business in India will need.

Cloud-Based Software

The need of the hour. Usually, before data were stored on the Hard Disks or Servers prone to physical damage. But now, Data is the core of every business. Businesses today cannot afford to lose data and also need anytime access to it. This is where Cloud comes into the picture. A Cloud-Based Software will give the business an anytime, anywhere access to Data and at the same time make sure it is stored securely, free of the physical damages.


With the growing market and business needs customized accounting solutions are what entrepreneurs are looking for, a tailor-made solution for solving their specific issues is what makes an attractive offering for them.

We recently published a case study talking about a specific issue of branch accounting and how RealBooks helped the client overcome it. To read click here.


Teams have grown both in numbers and locations for most business. With faster expansions, most businesses are hunting for solutions that allow their teams from various locations to work simultaneously, the cloud allows you to do that. With accounting software like RealBooks, you can collaborate with teams, share files and information on a real-time basis.


Quick decisions require reports anytime, anywhere. One of the biggest advantages of using a modern accounting solution is it gives detailed analysis and reports of the business in real time. This means that decisions makers always have the required information. Delays due to lack of information are rare leading to faster decision making.

The above-discussed features are something which every business is looking for their accounting. One such Cloud-Based  Software is RealBooks. Being Cloud-Based, easy customization and collaboration and detailed reporting RealBooks can be used by small business to multi-nationals, For more information, log onto http://www.realbooks.in

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