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Blockchain system: conceptualized in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto to serve as the backbone of bitcoin. Bitcoin, as you must know, is a form of cryptocurrency. The Blockchain works as a decentralized, public ledger that aggregates and authenticates every single transaction from anywhere in the world. A blockchain is transparent, constantly updated and highly secured. It […]

[1] TAN number: TAN [TDS/TCS deduction/collection account number] has to be obtained by all persons deducting TDS by applying in form 49B, except for sections 194-IA [purchase of immovable property] and 194-1B [rent payment by an individual/HUF]. [2] Tax Deposit Date: Tax deducted/collected, whether credited or paid, should be deposited within 7 days of month […]

An office with minimal or rather no usage of paper at all is termed as a paperless office. Imagine an office where you do not have to bury into thousands of documents. This has been the dream since the year 1975. The term “Paperless” is in itself a very interesting terminology because the fact is […]