Get lucky in Business!

Have you ever wondered that in-spite of hard work plus big qualifications, topped with perfect strategy, there is still something that goes wrong in a business where all logic fails! And we name it as Bad Luck!

So what is LUCK!

Is it a gift from universe or God?

Well then God is God, he will not practice favoritism and randomly give good luck to some people.

Then how come some get it and some don’t? There has to be a law controlling this!

Well, Good luck is nothing but Good karma which can be earned by consistently and repeatedly investing in it and the returns for which when comes down, is perceived as magic or miracle or a special gift!

One can consciously make karmic investments to gain long-term profits or in layman language – good luck

One way of doing this is by investing 10 percent of your profits every month for generating good karma. Which means to have strong CSR activities with a budget of 10 percent of your monthly profits?

This logic of allocating 10 percent of your profits for social or environmental cause is mentioned in many religions and cultures like in Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, and Islam and also recommended by many spiritual teachers including Grand Master Choa Kok Sui – founder of Pranic Healing who is my spiritual teacher too.

Below are few ideas where this 10 percent can be invested are

  1. Health and welfare of employees
  2. Education for kids of employees
  3. Food or basic amenities to the city or area where the company is established
  4. Major environmental issues that your city might be facing

Regular activities like this help the company in attracting just the right opportunities, right employees, right clients, right events etc

All this doesn’t come for free! Every soul has earned good karma to be able to attract it.

Sounds unbelievable?

Try it out for a year and see the results by comparing your previous to the current year!

Needless to say, it needs to be balanced with hard work. It is not a substitute but an addition to the regular effort that needs to be put physically, emotionally and mentally to keep the ball rolling.

Doing business the spiritual way…

Neha Jain
Pranic Healing Instructor


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  1. Manish Kumar jha says:

    Wishing a good greeting on a this special day of a new journey of spreading abundance and prosperity. Count me in. May God and masters blessings be with all of us to achieve the real meaning of this initiative. So be it. With warm regards.

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