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Overview A quick receipt and easy tracking of invoices while offering a convenient customer checkout experience can be a boon for your growing business. RealBooks – an online accounting software – is integrated with Nimbbl, which sets up a convenient payment gateway for faster invoice payments. With this, you can generate payment links and share […]

The paradigm of the corporate world is evolving rapidly. With the advancement in technology, every sector is witnessing development through changes. A ton of human labor is being replaced by technology. The finance industry is no exception. Accounting software has always been an integral part of the industry. Almost every company relies on these software […]

If you are new to cloud accounting software, make sure you know how it is more productive for your business. A cloud accounting software simply means accounting software on the cloud. And that means you have access to your systems anytime, anywhere with the help of your browser and an internet connection. Over the decades, […]