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Overview A quick receipt and easy tracking of invoices while offering a convenient customer checkout experience can be a boon for your growing business. RealBooks – an online accounting software – is integrated with Nimbbl, which sets up a convenient payment gateway for faster invoice payments. With this, you can generate payment links and share […]

Due to the pandemic, people have found ways to collaborate in a geographically decentralized manner. Evidently, work-from-home has become a culture. It also opened our eyes to the fact that the majority of the tasks don’t really require the need to be in the workplace. With proper tools and software in place, a handful of […]

What is an audit? An audit refers to the independent investigation of any entity’s financial information, whether profit-oriented or not, regardless of its size or legal form when such an inspection is undertaken with the intent of expressing an opinion on it. In simple words, an independent party inspects your financial reports to check all […]

RealBooks introduces a reseller program, a sales channel partner program for entrepreneurs and professionals. An opportunity for all Resellers to learn, share, earn, and grow 10x with Realbooks. The beating heart of any company, be it a small start-up or an entire organization, is its accounting system. Therefore the general functioning of the account management […]

You need the best accounting software for your business, either you are looking for cloud accounting software or on-premises accounting software. Gone are the days, where accounting software was confined to a few monopoly players in the Industry. With modern business practices, the demand and migration to advance web-based accounting software have been an ever-growing trend. With the […]

What is Cost Auditing? Cost auditing usually ascertains the accuracy of cost accounting records. And it ensure that they are in conformity with cost accounting principles, plans, procedures and objectives. Cost audit aims to identify the undue wastage or losses and ensure that costing system determines the correct and realistic cost of production. Knowing the position of your company is […]

For successful entrepreneurship, financial literacy is essential for every entrepreneur. You need to understand your numbers and accounting – to understand your business better. Successful Entrepreneurship is about making better decisions, making fewer mistakes, and hopefully turn a little cash into a lot of cash. Sometimes finance is not about money. For example, how long will […]