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India is the fourth largest country in the world by the valuation of the automotive industry, as of 2021. It is safe to say that the volume and scale at which the sector operates is at par with global standards. Infrastructural advancements, skill development of labour, consumer awareness and demand are all factors that contribute to […]

Overview A quick receipt and easy tracking of invoices while offering a convenient customer checkout experience can be a boon for your growing business. RealBooks – an online accounting software – is integrated with Nimbbl, which sets up a convenient payment gateway for faster invoice payments. With this, you can generate payment links and share […]

The finance industry has to tackle a herculean amount of data regularly. Storing all the data on a hard drive is neither cost-efficient nor is it risk-free. Despite all those drawbacks, professionals often find it hard to put their faith in cloud systems. There are a few concerns that sometimes may stop the companies from […]

The paradigm of the corporate world is evolving rapidly. With the advancement in technology, every sector is witnessing development through changes. A ton of human labor is being replaced by technology. The finance industry is no exception. Accounting software has always been an integral part of the industry. Almost every company relies on these software […]

As cloud vendors, we come across customers that at times question the relevance of online accounting software. While their concerns are no doubt, valid, the baseline most of the time is that- The questions they raise lack research!  And no one is to blame here. The poor availability of proper information related to functions of […]

Due to the pandemic, people have found ways to collaborate in a geographically decentralized manner. Evidently, work-from-home has become a culture. It also opened our eyes to the fact that the majority of the tasks don’t really require the need to be in the workplace. With proper tools and software in place, a handful of […]

What is an audit? An audit refers to the independent investigation of any entity’s financial information, whether profit-oriented or not, regardless of its size or legal form when such an inspection is undertaken with the intent of expressing an opinion on it. In simple words, an independent party inspects your financial reports to check all […]

What is Cloud Accounting? Cloud accounting or cloud-based accounting or web-based accounting is the application of accounting as software as a service using the internet and cloud. Earlier accounting was usually spreadsheet or manual-based. But today accounting is widely used on mobile and internet devices and this transformation gave rise to cloud accounting. Online accounting, […]