Comparing the Best Accounting Software : RealBooks RealBooks offers a multitude of features along with E-Invoicing and easy to use business accounting software that streamlines your complete accounting process. An All-in-one complete business software solution for small business from order processing to e-invoicing and a complete procure to pay life cycle that handles advance inventory to job work and handles complex manufacturing processes. RealBooks is designed for businesses with complexity and also come along with an integrate payroll solution.

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What Is An Accounting Software?

Your gateway to the wonders of easy accounting and bookkeeping

Bookkeepers, business owners, and accounting professionals use accounting software to easily automate accounting calculations and manage accounts. RealBooks is one of the best accounting software in India that understands the accounting preferences of the country and the tax compliances of businesses.

It is designed to be used by in-house accountants and chartered accountants for their professional work, alike. There are various core modules of bookkeeping that RealBooks pays attention to, like:

 Accounts payable, for all the dues of the business
 Accounts receivable, for all money the business receives
 General ledger, i.e. managing the books
 E-invoicing and waybill generation
 Purchase order, with bills for all purchases
 Inventory records maintenance
 Sales order, to maintain records of orders received
 Bookkeeping, for a centralized record of payments and collections
Are There More Features Available In RealBooks ?

The best accounting software surely needs to stand out from the rest, so RealBooks is more than just regular accounting software. It offers key features for the logistics, auto dealership industry, and chartered accounting. An overview of the features include:

Key Features of RealBooks Logistics Industry
 API / Excel integration with Operations software
 Handle multiple GSTIN and multiple locations
 Record lakhs of transactions without any slowness
 Decentralized accounting with Centralized reporting

Key Features of RealBooks Auto Dealerships Industry
 API / Excel integration with DMS
 Handle multiple GSTIN and multiple locations
 Showroom and workshop wise profitability
 Calculate finance and insurance commissions receivable
 Know your vehicle wise profitability
 GST reporting and reconciliation in a single click
 Handle high volumes of transactions in a breeze

Key Features for Chartered Accounting
  Handle unlimited companies with a single user
 Attach documents to each transaction / master / ledger
 Give access to your clients to generate invoices and view accounts
 Manage all compliance - TDS and GST with ease
 Auto reconcile your GSTR 2B
 Dynamic workflow for approvals, notifications, and user management
Why Do You Need The Best Accounting Software?

In business accounting, you need several features to assess the finance of your business. If you do it manually, it can get very complex and time-consuming. There is always the risk of human error too. The best accounting software India can help you get rid of the hassles and easily manage your books digitally. Most notable features why all businesses – small, medium, or large – should consider the best accounting software are:

Making Data Accessible

If you are looking for the best accounting software, then it must provide you with the facilities of cloud accounting so that your data is always backed up on a virtual server. Access it from anywhere in the world, anytime, through any device.

Automated Tasks

As we have already mentioned, manual data entry can be prone to errors. RealBooks can automate your entire bookkeeping and data-entry process, syncing all your incoming and outgoing transactions seamlessly.

Generating Reports

Businesses can require any kind of report at a short notice. With dedicated accounting software like RealBooks, you can generate multiple reports, view your balance sheet, monitor cash flow, and analyze the growth of your business, with just a few clicks.

GST Compliance

With RealBooks, businesses can easily make GST-compliant transactions, generate e-waybills, and file GST returns. RealBooks understands Indian governance and law-making, so it offers accounting options with features like uploading forms on the GST portal, directly. Curated for the country, RealBooks is indeed the best accounting software India.

Multi-Location Collaboration

Medium-scale or large businesses with multiple branches can find it difficult to integrate their accounting and finances throughout the branches. With the advanced collection module of the best accounting software, RealBooks, multi-location collaboration is easier.

Outsourcing Services

Great for Chartered accountants with their own teams, RealBooks facilitates easy delivery of outsourced services so that all the clients are maintained in real-time.

Creating A Centralized Directory

No matter where your business grows out to, with RealBooks best accounting software, all the data will have a centralized head office on the virtual cloud server so that you can easily access it.

Handling Large Volumes of Data

RealBooks is one of the best accounting software India as it is designed to perform well with the huge demands of businesses here. No matter how large your financing data be, RealBooks can easily process it without any lag.

Is RealBooks Any Different?

Not your regular account management software – RealBooks free accounting software is the modern solution to all accounting woes of small and medium-scale businesses. Here's all that makes us better than the rest!


The major difference between other accounting software and RealBooks is that RealBooks is completely cloud-based, so all your data is remotely stored on a virtual server. Never lose any information about your business, and access it from anywhere with cloud access.

Customizable Dashboard

To get an easy overview of your cash flow and profitability, you can completely customize the dashboard on the best accounting software India.

Easy Migration

RealBooks, the best accounting software, makes it easy for you to migrate all your data simply by importing your existing information via excel or XML.

Mobile Application

Being a digital, cloud-based software, RealBooks can be accessed from anywhere through any kind of operating system. They also have their own IOS and Android mobile application for easy connectivity and bookkeeping.

Approvals and Notifications

RealBooks states that it is one of the best accounting software as it offers convenient features like getting alerts and reports directly to your inbox.

Data Security

RealBooks takes data security very seriously and uses only Amazon's AWS servers. The robust security is very reliable for businesses of all scales.

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Something For Every Business

With its simple and affordable pricing, RealBooks has a plan suitable for businesses of all scales.

professional edition
Per User Per Month
Per User Per Year
Start 14 days trial
  • Invoicing and Bill Tracking with Ageing
  • Receipts, Payments, Contra, Journals
  • Branch Accounting
  • Attach scanned copies of documents
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Payable and Receivable Reports
  • Unlimited companies
  • Interest Calculations
  • Mobile App
  • In case of high volume excel / API uploads please contact us for special pricing
business edition
Per User Per Month
Per User Per Year
Start 14 days trial
  • All features from Professional Edition
  • Batch Management
  • Multiple Price Lists
  • Multiple Godowns and Stock Transfers
  • Work Order Lease Accounting
  • Accounting Rule based Approvals
  • Extensive User Permissions and controls
  • Order to Pay Cycle
  • Order to Cash Cycle
  • Unlimited companies
enterprise edition
Per User Per Month
Per User Per Year
Start 14 days trial
  • All features from Business Edition
  • Bill of Material Quality Control
  • Stores Accounting
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Rule based Cash Discounts
  • Manufacturing journal - single and multi process
  • Contact us for training and support
  • Implementation charges as applicable
Per Month
Per Year
5,00,000 Transactions
Start 14 days trial
  • All features from Business Edition
  • Integrate via API
  • Integrate Warehouse Management System
  • Integrate E-Commerce Website
  • 7 Business users
Switch to the best accounting medium. Choose free accounting software – RealBooks
Cloud Based
Branch Accounting
No Automated Consolidation
No Automated Consolidation
Yes Fully Automated
No. of Users
Yes via Tally Partners
Single User
Rs. 18,000/-+
Rs. 13,500/-+
Rs. 5,000/-
Rs. 5,000/-
Mobile APP
Document Attachment
Basic- Available via Purchase of addons
Basic- Not flexible
Basic- Not flexible
Fully customizable with Unlimited levels based on voucher type, ledger, amount, etc
Only if main server is on
Only if main server is on
Cloud based server
Cloud based server
Reports Available from software
Reports Available from software
Reports Available from software
Reports Available from software and can be scheduled to be mailed at pre defined timelines
Notifications & Alerts
Reports Available from software
Reports Available from sotware
Reports Available from sotware
Any exceptions based on defined parameters shall trigger automated SMS and email alerts
Via add on no graphical representations
Limited features‹
Customizable & ‹available
Customizable &‹ available
OS Accessibility
Works on all browsers and operating systems
Works on all browsers and operating systems
Switch to the best accounting medium. Choose free accounting software – RealBooks
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