About RealBooks

RealBooks is a cloud-based accounting-inventory-payroll management software. We are trusted by over 100 auto dealerships across India. Our accounting solutions have led our clients to experience the fast track to success. Impact-driving, Industry-specific, & Insight-rich features that lead you to make decisions that are informed and real-time.

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Key Features

  • Document Management System - This unique feature adds a huge degree of control. All documents are attached to relevant masters & transactions which are available for future reference and audits! Attaching documents is real easy!
  • Customer Information management – Capture & track detailed breakup of customer information, in addition to the vehicle details, before the delivery takes place.
  • Management Dashboard for Informative View - Your company’s command centre which gives you all the relevant data on a single customizable view.
  • Simple formats for data upload – With our excel uploader tool, eliminate the necessity for manual labour, and save your productive accounting hours
  • Accounts – Inventory – Payroll – FAR – All of these modules are integrated and hence the user enjoys a seamless experience using these various modules. You may choose if you want to use Payroll and FAR or integrate a different software with RealBooks
  • Internal and External Communication – With SMS, Email and WhatsApp integration, you can communicate with your customers and vendors with ease – whether sending payment reminder, receipt acknowledgements, invoices and auto scheduled reports to management

  • Faster Sync of Data – Apart from Real-time branch report consolidation, we even sync your DMS data directly in less than 10 seconds buffer time.
  • Easy Management of Data – Whether your daily transaction count is 100 or 100,000, we successfully handle it with no lag time.
  • Quick generation of reports – With our load-handling capacity, we ensure that reports are generated really fast.
  • Multiple types of Integrations - We do all 3rd party software integrations via API or excel, making transaction posting easy for the users.
  • Low Dependency on Excel – With all the various modules built for auto dealerships, we have removed a lot of dependency on creating multiple excel files
  • Data Migration – We provide complete migration of your existing data so that you are not stuck with managing two different accounting software

  • Standardized Chart of Accounts – Eliminate duplicity and maintain consistency. Standardize your Chart of Accounts by maintaining common masters for all the branches at the company level.
  • Automated inter-branch reconciliation – Transactions involving multiple branches can be posted by a single branch with automated parallel posting in other branches. Additionally, a Reconciliation report is generated by the system, saving you time and reducing errors of omission.
  • Comparative Analysis Reports – Not only Date Range comparison, but we also provide Branch/Division wise comparison reports as well for P&L, Balance Sheet, & Trial Balance for better analysis of performances.
  • Real-time consolidated GST returns – Managing GST Returns is super easy - whether it's filing your GSTR 1 (consolidates data for all branches with the same GSTIN) or auto-matching your GSTR-2A or 2B.
  • TDS across all locations – With so many different locations, companies often find collecting TDS data across all locations cumbersome, here you can get all your TDS data at a single click and even generate TDS returns in uploadable formats.

  • Vehicle-wise profitability – .Not only valuation, but we provide a Profitability report against each VIN, making it easy for the company to analyze the actual profits made item-wise
  • Vehicle-wise financing commissions – Incorporate our Commission Module, capture vehicle-wise financing details, and automate the commission calculations.
  • Vehicle-wise salesman assignment – Tag salesman to every vehicle sale or service transaction, and extract detailed reports for analysis.
  • Customer Settlement Form – Generate a complete customer settlement statement which can be approved at multiple levels before release of any vehicle from your showroom.
  • Gate Pass Issuance Approval for Vehicle – Based on approval of customer settlement form you can get a system generated Gate Pass for release of vehicles.

Our Clients

Competent Auto
Saini Hyundai
Honnasiri Mahindra
Akshara Motors
Ashok Leyland
Advaith Kia
Krrish Hyundai
Beekay Auto
Bhagath Motors
RNS Motors
Cartec Honda
Mandovi Motors
Shree Auto
Advaith JCB
Advaith Hyundai
Mukesh Hyundai
Vertex Nissan
Karnataka Agencies



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