API Documentation

What is an API Documentation?

API documentation, also known as API description documents, is a group of references, tutorials, and examples that assist developers in using your API. It includes instructions on how to effectively use and integrate the API.


What Type of Documentations are there?


The API documentation contains the instructions on the following:


How to Post Data

  1. Accounts Voucher – Create, edit, delete, cancel, an accounts voucher via API
  2. Inventory Voucher – Create, edit, delete, cancel, an inventory voucher via API
  3. Item Master – Create & Update an item master
  4. Ledger Master – Create & Update a ledger master
  5. Ledger Group – Create & Update a ledger group
  6. Cost Category – Create & Update
  7. Cost Centre – Create & Update
  8. Work Order – Create / Update / Delete
  9. Lock/Unlock Purchase Order


How to Get Data

  1. Day Book with Single Transaction Type –
  2. Fetch Ledger Details
  3. Fetch Item Details
  4. Fetch Godown Master
  5. Item Wise Stock Summary Report
  6. Download PDF of Sale Invoice.
  7. Purchase/Sale Register Report(voucher wise)
  8. Fetch Transaction By Transaction Id
  9. Fetch Credit Limit of a Particular Ledger/Party
  10. Get Updated Order


Additional Information

  1. Success Response
  2. Error Response


Document Download link: API DOCUMENTAION