Digitise your Accounting Process with RealBooks & ICICI Collaboration

  • Posted on February 28, 2023
  • By Chandan Mohta

Advancement in technology grows with every millisecond of time that flows. We lucky beings are witnessing and experiencing great technologies and further this growth tendency towards artificial intelligence will be the biggest game changer.

Physical banking is the recent past for more than half of the urban Indian population and even the governments have switched towards the process of internet banking.

More than 10 Cr people in our nation are into day-to-day UPI transaction and more than 35 Cr online transaction users which not only indicate that we are moving towards technological advancement but also have headed “Why go crazy, take it easy” attitude as well since we have got a lot of software which made our life-jean feel like a tracksuit.

Now RealBooks, your trusted cloud-based accounting software partner, has also stepped towards making your accounting easier through Bank Integration which helps you make payments to your creditors with a single click directly from our software itself.

ICICI Bank × RealBooks is our inaugural baton to this relay marathon and we are sure enough to bring as many banks as possible to make your life and account-banking easier.

How does this collaboration actually works and how you, as a valued user, can avail this duck soup?

In this process, RealBooks is actually partnering with banks for connected banking services which will help in hassle-free direct banking from our accounting software itself. Just an OTP and BAM! Easy it is to pay your vendors without even visiting your net banking portal.

The complete setup process has been explained below in our video for Bank Integration, which contains a detailed process flow through which you can avail the benefit of the same.

We have a strong belief that the first brick to this skyscraper which we placed in collaboration with ICICI bank, would eventually give a successful outcome with your support. We are already in the process of incorporating more and more banks and giving you the best of the services with our new feature.

With the thought that banking, being an essential part of the accounting system, must be direct instead of multiple platforms. We saw it as a great purpose in order to solve and ease your banking + accounting.

How the same will benefit you as a user?

  1. We save your valuable time: A penny saved is a penny earned likewise a second saved is a second earned. Rather than surfing/hovering website to website, you are getting both accounting and banking related to accounting on the very same platform and needless to mention once again regarding your saved time.
  2. We save you from data redundancy: Realbooks is the accounting mitochondria of your organizational cell. We will not make you store the same data twice or thrice so once the bank account data is saved, it can be registered for the beneficiary then and there. Integration concept reduces the data redundancy to zero”0”.
  3. We save your soulful efforts: You, being a responsible accountant, always wish that your efforts in the software never get wasted and shall never call for another unwanted effort. If you wish to continue to be the most productive, like the way you are, then RealBooks Bank Integration feature will help you remain the most productive being.
  4. We save you from fraudulent creatures: Our accounting software will add another layer of security to your transactions and thus will prevent any frauds heading towards you. Enhanced shield is better for warriors as well as accountants.
  5.  We help you with real-time access to financials and controlled cash flow: Real-time knowledge of the balances and transactions is always friendly for an accountant in order to keep a controlled cash flow and have a good hold at the financials.
  6. We are in search of employees: Using RealBooks? If you know anyone smart and productive like you in any of the fields then please ask them to connect with our HR team……… RELAXXXX, we were done in the above point so thought not to claim any bogus benefits so tried to help our HR team a bit.

Purpose is solved for a single shore, but this Accounting Sea, RealBooks, assures you that we will surely try and connect as many shores as possible in order to make your accounting experience always better than yesterday.

It’s time to switch to RealBooks and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.

Chandan Mohta