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  • Posted on September 07, 2022
  • By Chandan Mohta

The Gregorian calendar is followed by all but the CA’s follow the Due Date Calendar which does not consists an Independence Day since they are always stacked by the upcoming due dates. Being a Chartered Accountant (CA), it is not that easy to handle the pressure of Time keeping accuracy quotient constant. USB’s with inappropriate backups, document physical verification, “0” flexibility in data access, mishandling of historic data, and the list of challenges goes on till infinity.

Life of a CA

None can solve it all but RealBooks, an uprising accounting software, has been in a constant try to make the processes used by Chartered Accountants, be it accounting, auditing or compliance, more convenient and smart. 

Here is how we have been working on it through our CA friendly features:

1. Cloud based accounting: A standard quality external HDD costs you around the same price at which you get a user license and unlimited cloud data storage at RealBooks. This gives you a relief from the hard drives along with a global access of data without a single second delay. You need not to go to your accounting software and servers; RealBooks follows you with its secured Amazon AWS servers. 

2. Good Bye Physical Documentation: The document attachment feature of RealBooks, has solved a major issue of physical verification of supporting documents at the time of auditing. The accountant directly uploads the supporting documents with a single drag and drop, while making the entry and the half screen document visibility makes the process easier.

3. Consolidated Data & Reports: The consolidated data and reports available at RealBooks not only benefit the Businesses but also the CAs. In case of branch accounting, since the branches shares common masters and both the data and the reports are synced on Real Time Basis, it gets easier for the Chartered Accountants to work and ample time is saved due to the pre-consolidated data and comprehensive reports.

4. Lock & key; with will set free: Accountants altering the historic data creates one of the biggest blunder for the Chartered Accountants in order to reconcile or reverse-chase the same. At RealBooks, we provide you a feature through which the data for any specific period can be locked so that no further changes could be made in the same (be it a compliant change) without passing through CAs knowledge.

5. Compliances managed well: Compliances of Indirect or Direct taxation, RealBooks takes care of all. GST Reports, TDS Reports or other taxation reports are all compliant to their specific laws and are in an easy to file formats and even direct filing processes. 

6. GSTR2A & 2B auto reconciliation: We aim to eliminate the cumbersome tasks of GSTR 2A reconciliation process, and save your efforts, by matching the data in minutes. All you need to do is upload the JSON file and wait for system to run auto-match. So, users won’t have to manually match the entries from the website with books; we do it for you!

7. Easy viewing rights: When we say of eliminating hard drives, we stand firm at our commitment. You need not to create backups and share with your clients whereas you just need to give the viewing rights to the client so that they can view the complete data but cannot edit even an alphabet.

8. Mobile App: Our existing mobile app is heading towards being at your fingertips in a user friendly format same as your social media apps. Extracting easy-to-view reports, entry approvals, invoice creation and what not can be done on our 7.2 MB application.

9. We remember the dates even if you forget one: Stress-less Schedules with our Scheduled reports RealBooks comes with a feature through which you can schedule the dates on which the reports for a specified period should shoot at your mail. 

10. Role Based Control: When the data is accessible in the set hierarchy or the edit or view access are held in a specific manner, it gets easy for the CAs to get the data in the more appropriate form rather than a farm of numbers and abrupt entries.

11. Lakhs and hundreds are same: We do not differentiate in the real time sync and compromise on the software’s handling capacity be it 100s, 1000s or Lakhs of entries. The reports are instant and appropriate each and every time it’s generated.

12. Admin, Company-wise, & Branch-wise Access: It’s a bonanza for a CA firms since they can give the access to the employees as per their convenience and of multiple companies or branches rather than puzzling the user with the complete set of data. 

13. Audit Notes, Colour Marking, Book Print & Ledger Confirmation: The auditor can directly put their audit notes on the transaction/entry rather than noting it elsewhere. The entries checked can be color marked further creating “0” space for confusion and time waste. The Books can be printed directly, wherein, the ledgers are printed in the audit friendly format and in a single PDF file. Furthermore, Ledger Confirmation can also be generated in the PDF formats.

14. Negative Balance Report: A specified report can be generated through RealBooks, for the group of ledgers which are showing negative balances or balances opposite to their nature. This makes the auditing work way too simpler and efficient.

15. Encourage Transparency: There are businesses which outsource their accounting completely except the invoicing part. These types of businesses are generally unaware of their books and for petty to petty data they need to contact the CAs which is troublesome for the CAs as well. With the Invoice Access feature, the businesses can generate the invoices but can view the other accounting data as well through which the reports can be generated and accessed by them without any further poke to the CA.

Have your offices been raided? Auditor’s Raid we mean!

Auditor's Raid

Taking over the systems and servers is not a matter of joy for the Chartered Accountants as well since their resources and manpower gets misused in that process. In 2022, raiding the offices during the audits is the old which is not even gold. 


Switch to RealBooks and take your visionary organization towards a smarter and greener tomorrow.

Chandan Mohta